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Qunfeng Heavy Industry's Qunfeng Heavy Industry's "Comprehensive Treatment of Waste Resources" Project Was Highly Recognized by Experts in The Seventh "Maker China" Shandong SME Innovat

Recently, the final of the 7th "Maker China" Shandong smes Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was successfully concluded in Jinan.

Sep. 08, 2022
Components of Jaw Crushers Components of Jaw Crushers

The working part of a jaw crusher is two jaws. One is the fixed jaw plate (fixed jaw), which is fixed vertically (or slightly inclined at the upper end) to the front wall of the machine. The other is the movable jaw plate (movable jaw).

Sep. 07, 2022
What Is a Baler? What Is a Baler?

The baler machine is a useful recycling device. The press installed in the baler presses waste paper (such as cardboard) together and then binds them together to form a bale.

Sep. 02, 2022
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