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Know about NIR Optical Sorting System Know about NIR Optical Sorting System

Accurate sorting is essential to produce high-quality recycled material. An optical recycling sorting machine is a good choice for automatic sorting because it provides specificity without any surface pre-treatment. NIR spectroscopy reflects light from an incandescent lamp onto the material during the identification process.

Nov. 26, 2021
How Does An Eddy Current Separator Create Eddy Currents? How Does An Eddy Current Separator Create Eddy Currents?

Eddy currents are also known as “Foucault current”. These are electrical currents that, using an Eddy current separator, form a variation over time, cutting even the smallest non-ferrous metals.

Nov. 22, 2021
How does Eddy Current Separator Work? How does Eddy Current Separator Work?

The design of the Eddy Current Separator permanently changed the landscape of metal recycling by making it much easier and more efficient to separate and recover highly valuable non-ferrous metals like copper and aluminum.

Nov. 22, 2021
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