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Invitation: May 13-17, PEAKS-ECO Invites You to the 2024 IFAT Environmental Exhibition in Munich, Germany

May. 20, 2024

New Munich Trade Fair Centre, Munich, Germany


2024 IFAT Environmental Exhibition


Booth No.: Hall B4, Booth 521



Hello! We sincerely invite you to attend the upcoming 2024 IFAT Environmental Exhibition in Munich, Germany. This environmental exhibition will be held from May 13-17, 2024, at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre, and PEAKS-ECO cordially invites you to visit for discussions and exchanges!

Invitation: May 13-17, PEAKS-ECO cordially invites you to the 2024 IFAT Environmental Exhibition in Munich, Germany 

                                                                                                                                                                   PEAKS-ECO looks forward to your visit!

Founded in 2005, PEAKS-ECO focuses on the design, construction, operation, product production, and technological innovation of comprehensive waste management projects, providing integrated environmental management solutions dedicated to achieving sustainable development between humans and the environment. Leveraging its advantages in equipment processing, manufacturing, and technological innovation, the company specializes in the investment, construction, and operation of waste recycling economy industrial parks. The company's business scope includes comprehensive disposal of various types of waste (construction, kitchen, fruits and vegetables, household, industrial, etc.), environmental restoration, sludge treatment, and resource utilization. In the area of comprehensive solid waste management, our company is currently involved in more than 30 comprehensive waste projects in major domestic cities, over 50 projects in medium and large cities, more than 100 projects in small and medium cities, and more than 30 medium and large comprehensive waste projects overseas. The company has accumulated extensive experience in design, production, and construction, making it a leader in the waste treatment industry.

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The company owns a large intelligent OEM production and processing manufacturing base covering 350 acres and established the Qingshan Research Institute in Beijing as the leading force in technology research and development. In 2023, the Huade Intelligent Production and Manufacturing Research Center, located in the Dezhou Comprehensive Experimental Zone for the New and Old Kinetic Energy Conversion in Shandong, officially began production. In recent years, the company has successfully introduced new environmental management product concepts and new process technologies from Germany and Finland, bringing cutting-edge technology and advanced product manufacturing to China and successfully representing Chinese environmental companies on the global stage.


The company always takes "For the permanent presence of green mountains and clear waters, I will strive relentlessly" as its mission, adhering to the concept of technological innovation and continuing to create brilliance in environmental governance.

PEAKS-ECO Main Plant Covers 300 Acres of Land

PEAKS-ECO Main Plant Covers 100 Acres of Land



Exhibition Information


Exhibition Time


May 13-17


Exhibition Location


New Munich Trade Fair Centre, Hall B4, Booth 521

Invitation: May 13-17, PEAKS-ECO cordially invites you to the 2024 IFAT Environmental Exhibition in Munich, Germany

Founded in 1966, IFAT Munich is currently the world's leading environmental trade fair. As a major international exhibition certified by UFI, it leads the latest trends in the international environmental industry and is recognized as the global benchmark in the field.


PEAKS-ECO looks forward to your visit!

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Please visit the 2024 IFAT Environmental Exhibition in Munich, Germany

PEAKS-ECO Booth, Hall B4, Booth 521


We look forward to serving you!

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