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Recycling Processing Save Energy So Objective!

Nov. 13, 2018

Somebody thinks, garbage recycling process itself by Recycling Soring Machine also consumes energy, and produce pollution, the recycling efficiency is not high. In fact, the recycling compared with raw materials processing, save energy is considerable.

Underground Waste Container System

From the energy, recycled products in manufacturing aluminum use than aluminium from bauxite ore in the amount of 96% less energy.

From the energy needed to power a broken steel in the production of steel, than from iron ore stone Steel, cost 75% less energy. Production of recycled paper than using crude fiber paper USES 20% less energy.

New manufacturing production proportion of recycled glass glass cost 30% less energy by Underground Waste Container System.

If the city garbage recycling of waste paper and glass in 20%, then the corresponding reduction 6.9 million tons of carbon dioxide each year.

So The cycle of garbage processing by Waste Compacting Machine plays an important role

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