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Advantages of Sorting Garbage

Aug. 12, 2023

Recycling sorting equipment can bring great economic benefits to mankind. 

Waste Recycling System

Waste Sorting System

First, reduce land occupation: some materials in domestic garbage are not easily degraded, causing serious erosion of the land. 

Second, reduce environmental pollution. Therefore, recycling can reduce harm. 

Third, turn waste into treasure, protect the environment and save resources. 

A separate classification of kitchen waste that mainly contains perishable organic components can provide high-quality raw materials for garbage composting and produce high-quality organic fertilizers, which is beneficial to improve soil fertility and reduce the number of chemical fertilizers. 

Classify kitchen waste with high water content, increase the calorific value of other wastes, and reduce the difficulty of controlling secondary pollution caused by waste burning. 

In addition, the classification of hazardous waste can reduce the content of heavy metals, organic pollutants, and pathogenic bacteria in the waste, facilitate the harmless treatment of waste, and reduce the risk of water, soil, and air pollution during waste treatment. 

Divert different types of garbage, greatly reduce the amount of garbage that eventually enters the sanitary landfill, and extends the life of the landfill. By sorting and collecting, the purity of useful substances in the garbage can be improved, which is conducive to the recycling and harmless treatment of garbage. It saves a lot of post-processing and sorting work, reduces the cost of pre-processing; reduces the workload of garbage transportation and processing; this is conducive to improving citizens' environmental awareness.

The waste recycling system is a good environmentally friendly waste disposal method. 

Waste is the only growing resource on the planet, and it is also a misplaced resource. If the garbage can be sorted, anything can be used. 

Among the garbage, most recyclable materials mainly include metal, glass, paper, and plastic. Metal products, such as aluminum and iron, can be melted and reused. This not only saves money but also reduces pollution caused by smelting new metals. At the same time, these non-renewable resources can be protected without the need to mine ores. 

Glass is the easiest product to recycle. Recycling old glass can save a lot of energy and reduce the damage to the environment caused by mining these ores. 

Recycled paper is of greater significance to environmental protection, because every cubic meter of waste paper recycled paper saves 17 trees for environmental protection. The amount of paper used in the world is staggering. If the recycled paper can be produced in large quantities, how many forests will be saved! 

After the plastic is recycled, not only can it be made into recycled plastic products, but it can also be converted into crude oil, from which diesel and gasoline can be refined for human use.

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