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What's the difference between an advertising bin and an ordinary bin?

Aug. 24, 2019

What's the difference between an advertising bin and an ordinary bin?

One, the outline of advertisement dustbin

Advertising bin mainly combined with the needs of advertising market new different personalized, targeted shape design. The household automatic waste sorting plant adopts solar panel, controller, lead-acid mainliving-free battery and ultra-high brightness, led new light source as the power supply system and light source, and at the same time USES high-efficiency nano-luminescent material, making the point light source into a surface light source, more uniform luminescence, no sparky phenomenon; Fine workmanship, high quality, peculiar shape. The solar power supply system converts and stores electric energy during the day, and the box emits light at night. Not only save electricity, green environmental protection and play an advertising medium and beautify the environment. Advertising bins can let a person not rise to protect the psychological, can make when we throw garbage become stable, and is no longer with a throw, its diverse modelling can let us not produce more sense of fatigue, and in its execution dustbin function at the same time, more for a city to a lot of advertising revenue, can for the enterprise product promotion as a great role in promoting. Garbage sorting equipment manufacturer shares that it has a positive impact on the city's environmental protection construction and economic development.

FDY 850 Semi Automatic Baler

FDY 850 Semi Automatic Baler

Two, the difference of advertisement dustbin and common dustbin

Advertisement dustbin, its essence is dustbin. It's a combination of a billboard and a trash can, both of which have been beautified to create a pleasing effect. What are the disadvantages of ordinary dustbins compared with advertising dustbins?

1. The appearance is not beautiful enough. General dustbin is relatively simple, without any creative design, just as a tool to use. Household garbage disposal project small series of ordinary garbage can not attract people's attention to environmental protection, can not let the public from the heart of care. And advertising dustbins have become beautiful and generous things, although it is still a dustbin, but it has formed the landscape of the city streets.

2. As one part of the automatic waste sorting system, the general dustbin does not have advertising function. Ordinary dustbin can not advertise, even put up advertising posters, the attention of the people will not be many. And advertisement dustbin is having the advertisement picture of exquisite design, can show the beauty of thing already, had the effect of commercial propaganda again.

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