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Bag Breaker

Feb. 06, 2021

Bag Breaker 

Bag Breaker is an efficient bag opening technology, which eliminates the need for a manual bag opening machine. It disconnects MSW bags and continuously provides them to the waste treatment system. Several years of product development led to the innovation of this patent system. The machine can be used as a standard model or in combination with a loading hopper. The hopper is fed in batches by the front loader. The bagged material is sent to the Qunfeng bag breaker through the feeding conveyor to achieve uniform flow measurement. Large, counter-rotating rollers effectively open the bags and release the contents from the bottom of the machine. Qunfeng bag breaking machine is designed to handle materials without damaging goods.

The continuous feeding of waste after opening the bag is important for the upcoming screening machine to achieve efficient and high purity material output in MRF (Material Recovery Facility). The MBT facility also uses bag-making machines and crushers to continuously supply waste to the system, while the RDF process also uses bag-making machines as a baling system.

Bag Breaker


• Higher processing power than manual sorters

• Low maintenance and operating costs

• Easy to convert to existing facilities

• Does not damage bagged items

• Clean doors on both sides for easy access and maintenance

Heavy construction reduces downtime and extends service life

BRT - BO series

The bag opener is directly supported by the famous German company BRT-Recycling. BRT Recycling is our partner. BRT bag openers open plastic bags and then transfer the measured material to subsequent sorting and preparation plants.

We are bag breaker suppliers. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

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