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Brief Introduction of Compound Biomass Fuel Gasification Project

Jul. 07, 2020

The garbage sorting system supplier shares this article for you.

The domestic waste composite biomass fuel gasification project is specifically divided into waste pretreatment and domestic waste composite biomass fuel production system. In the pretreatment of garbage, preliminary sorting is required, and the garbage is divided into inorganic garbage and domestic garbage. The inorganic garbage is directly sent to the brick-making workshop or landfill by the Lin board conveyor; the domestic garbage is sent to the storage yard by forklift Send domestic garbage to Lin board conveyor. The production system includes domestic garbage composite biomass fuel treatment system, ash residue treatment system, electrical system, lighting system, lightning protection system, automatic control system, water supply, and drainage system, etc. Among them, the processing system is composed of five systems: crushing system, batching system, drying system, control system, and conveying system.

According to reports, the process flow of composite biomass fuel is: after the domestic garbage is sent to the garbage dump, the board conveyor will directly transfer the garbage to the crusher for crushing; the crushed garbage material will be transported to the drum screen for sieve Separate the soil, crushed glass, crushed stone, broken bricks, etc.; the sieved garbage materials are crushed in multiple stages; the garbage materials after the multi-stage crusher are sent to the fine crushing and forming machine Extruded and formed into a composite fuel. The shape and size of the composite fuel can be obtained by changing the specifications of the molding die; the molded composite fuel is then sent to a direct heating energy-saving drying oven for drying at a temperature of 100℃- Between 150 ℃, the composite fuel enters and exits continuously without stopping, and the production capacity reaches 20 tons/hour. The moisture content of the dried composite fuel is within 18%, and it is directly sent to the storage yard or directly loaded by the conveyor belt for delivery. Or use infrared drying.

Garbage Sorting System Supplier

Garbage Sorting System Supplier

The treatment technology of the project can realize that the daily mixed domestic waste is directly made into a composite fuel with a calorific value of 3000-3500 kcal by the domestic waste treatment system. There is no smoke, sewage, and dioxin emission during the whole treatment process. Drying waste materials and finished fuels are carried out at low temperature (not exceeding 150 degrees), and only produce water vapor. Water vapor is sent to the deodorizing tower through the pumping device and discharged after being deodorized by the water curtain. The sewage used for deodorizing treatment is discharged into the sewage treatment tank through the pipeline for treatment and recycling.

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