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What basic points should be included in solid waste?

Aug. 17, 2019

What basic points should be included in solid waste? Following the environmental equipment manufacturer would like to share with us.

1. Solid waste is an article (material) that has lost its original use value and is discarded by consumers or owners. This feature means that the waste no longer has the use value of the original article.

2. In the process of production, living, cannot be used for other products directly produced the byproduct of raw material, this feature means that the waste from all aspects of the society, cannot be directly used as raw materials for the other products, if it is indirectly as raw material to use of other products, so, no use or not use the part does not produce secondary pollution of the environment.

3. Solid waste treated by municipal solid waste sorting equipment consists of many forms, characteristics and characteristics and exhibits complexity.

Municipal Solid Waste recycling systema

Municipal Solid Waste Recycling Systema

4. The dislocation of solid waste means that in a specific range, time and technical conditions, solid waste may become a resource of other products or be used by other consumers before being discarded or finally disposed, and thus has the value of waste utilization.

5. Solid waste has economy, which depends on the value of waste utilization and the economic incentive policies for waste utilization. When solid waste has economy, it is easier to use, and economy is the main driving force for solid waste utilization.

6. Solid waste is hazardous, stale waste treatment equipment small introduction no matter what form and type of solid waste, there will always be more or less adverse impact on people's production and living environment, especially hazardous waste is hazardous waste.

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