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Principle and application of garbage sorting machine

Nov. 20, 2019

We are a garbage sorting machine manufacturer, we mainly engage in research, manufacturing and sales of hydraulic products such as waste transfer equipment and waste sorting equipment. 

Human beings will produce a lot of garbage every day, which will cause environmental pollution if it is not recycled and disposed arbitrarily. Waste sorting machine is a kind of high-tech equipment which can automatically classify mixed garbage. The garbage sorting machine can carry on the follow-up comprehensive treatment and all reuse to the garbage, and realize the goal of zero landfill The machine can automatically, quickly and effectively separate the plastic, paper, organic matter, battery, packaging and other physical components in the garbage, so as to recycle them in the next step. The waste sorting machine has changed the tedious pretreatment process of traditional waste sorting, saved a lot of manual sorting cost and equipment investment, and realized the goal of maximum utilization of waste resources and zero landfill.

Benefits of waste classification

To reduce land occupation, some substances in domestic garbage are not easy to degrade, which makes the land seriously eroded. Garbage classification, remove the recyclable and non degradable materials, reduce the amount of garbage by more than 60%.

To reduce environmental pollution, waste batteries contain toxic substances such as metal mercury and cadmium, which will cause serious harm to human beings; waste plastics in the soil will lead to crop production reduction; waste plastics discarded are eaten by animals by mistake, resulting in animal death accidents. So recycling can reduce the harm.

Turning waste into treasure is regarded as the most potential and inexhaustible "urban mineral resources" and "resources put in the wrong place". According to relevant experts' research, China's garbage hides huge wealth. Through resource-based treatment, 25 billion yuan of renewable resources can be created every year. Waste treatment and recycling is the technical guarantee and material basis of environmental protection, and also one of the most potential new economic growth points in the future economy.

Horizontal Waste Transfer Station Project

Horizontal Waste Transfer Station Project

Principle and application of recycling sorting equipment

The garbage sorting machine abandons the traditional separation technology idea, implements the transformation from the principle, uses the original fuzzy recognition technology, the simulation manipulator and so on as the technical core, realizes the garbage automatic classification.

According to different garbage components and garbage subsequent treatment methods, the equipment parameters can be adjusted at any time to meet the sorting requirements, and can also be connected with the existing garbage treatment equipment of customers.

There are three types of garbage sorters: domestic garbage sorter, kitchen garbage sorter and stale garbage sorter. Emk garbage sorter according to different garbage treatment capacity, there are six models of domestic garbage sorter, i.e. 20, 60, 100, 300, 500 and 1200, and three models of stale garbage sorter and kitchen garbage sorter, i.e. 300, 500 and 1200.

It is suitable for various scale garbage cleaning stations, garbage transfer stations, garbage treatment plants, garbage composting yards, garbage incineration yards and other places where garbage is generated intensively.

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