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Qunfeng Heavy Industry: Construction Waste Treatment

Apr. 28, 2022

Qunfeng heavy industry: construction waste treatment, mobile + fixed go hand in hand, double matching is more convenient!

construction waste treatment system

Construction Waste Definition & Application 

Construction waste has obvious characteristics: large volume, heavyweight, difficult transportation, and classification. However, if we can do a good job in the resource treatment of construction waste, its utilization value is beyond imagination!

For example, bricks, stones, and cement concrete blocks are broken into aggregates, which are screened to remove impurities to form building materials that meet the requirements of certain particle sizes. Then add cement, fly ash, and other auxiliary materials into the raw materials according to the grading design requirements, and mix after adding part of water to form different building and road construction products. These products can completely replace ordinary sand and gravel for road bases;

Recycled aggregate produced from waste bricks and tiles is made into recycled bricks, blocks, wall panels, floor tiles, and other building materials products through brick making mechanism; It is widely used in squares, sidewalks, slow lanes, open squares, gardens, slope protection, foundation protection, highways, and overpasses;

The residue can be used for road construction, pile foundation filling, foundation, etc;

Waste wood construction waste can be directly reused for the reconstruction of buildings, and seriously damaged wood components can be used as raw materials such as wood recycled boards or papermaking;

The asphalt mixture of waste pavement can be directly used for recycled asphalt concrete in an appropriate proportion;

Waste road concrete can be processed into recycled aggregate for preparing recycled concrete;

Scrap steel, scrap steel, and other scrap metal materials can be directly reused or recycled for processing

Turning construction waste into treasure, Qunfeng heavy industry provides advanced treatment technology, and the mobile + fixed construction waste treatment system is more convenient:


Mobile construction waste treatment system:

The mobile sorting center can sort and classify anywhere, and eliminate impurities at the same time. Light substances can be separated by a negative pressure air separator, and six kinds of materials can be manually sorted and metal removed at the same time. The mobile sorting center can be used alone or in combination with crushing and screening equipment.

The mobile air separator divides the materials into heavy and light substances through the latest separation technology. The sorted light substances can be used to make RDF or other products, and the heavy substances (aggregate, wood, etc.) can be further recycled.

It is easy to adjust the height of the coarse and fine screening drum for different materials, and it is convenient to move and maintain the coarse and fine screening drum for different materials.


Fixed construction waste treatment system:

After sorting, the waste is screened out of inert ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals, and the non-recyclable materials are removed. Transport all recovered and sorted metals to a professional external company for classification and treatment; Recovery and re supply of inert materials to the civil construction market as a substitute for traditional quarrying products; Other wastes sorted out, including asphalt, concrete and masonry, are recycled and divided into gravel and subgrade materials, as well as cleaning, wetting and mixing filling materials.


The mobile + fixed construction waste treatment system of Qunfeng heavy industry is determined according to the needs and actual situation of users, providing users with a variety of options to achieve efficient and convenient treatment effect.

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