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More Garbage? In The Face Of "Garbage Besieged City" Problem, Qunfeng Heavy Industry Launched Mobile Recycling Series Of Products!

Jul. 28, 2021

Urban garbage is accompanied by urbanization, industrialization produced a disease of civilization.

According to statistics, China produces nearly 1 billion tons of garbage every year, including about 400 million tons of household garbage, 500 million tons of construction garbage, in addition, there are about 10 million tons of kitchen garbage, it is known that China's total garbage in the world is "one of the".


With the acceleration of China's urbanization process and the improvement of people's living standards, urban household garbage is still increasing at an annual rate of about 5%-8%.

Garbage siege is giving Chinese cities a wake-up call!!


Main ways and limitations of garbage disposal

General waste disposal methods mainly include landfill, composting, and incineration, but these three different methods all have limitations.

Landfill - easy to cause secondary pollution

· Pollution of underground water sources

· Landfill waste ferments to produce methane gas, which can easily cause explosions

· Occupying a large land area

· The stench around the landfill is overwhelming


Composting - poor benefit

· Non-perishable organic and inorganic materials cannot be treated, such as metals, stones, plastics and other wastes in a garbage cannot be decomposed by microorganisms

· Long composting cycle, large footprint, and poor sanitary conditions


Burning -- costly

· The value of electricity generated is much lower than expected sales

· Incineration is highly toxic and easy to produce secondary environmental hazards

· The calorific value is insufficient, requiring the addition of accelerant, which increases the operating cost


Find the right way to successfully "break out"!

If we want to solve the problem of "besieged cities by garbage", we must first find the right method.

Waste management always follows the priority principle of reducing, reuse, recycle. Through the collection, classification, recycling of garbage, the formation of a circular economy, can greatly reduce the real sense of "garbage" quantity.


The benefits of garbage sorting are obvious:

Waste is sorted and sent to recycling plants instead of landfills, which saves land and avoids the pollution caused by landfills and incineration. Waste can also be turned into treasure.

At the very least, properly sorted waste can make it easier for incinerators to meet emissions standards, even if it is not recycled.

Note that the waste is first sent to a recycling plant, which can reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills by recycling the recyclables, turning the waste into alternative fuels, or making compost.

The design and manufacture of the waste recycling plant are extremely important, Qunfeng Heavy Industry has developed a series of compact factories with extremely high performance, this series of new products, as a single unit or combined together, can be set up in a few hours!

At present, Qunfeng heavy Industry mobile recovery series of products include picking station, density separator, feeding drum.

Pick the cargo

Air separation, magnetic separation, and manual sorting are combined together in a compact unit, namely: integrated air separation to produce cleaning products, integrated magnetic separation to recover black metal, 2-6 interval sorting to recover the clean stone, wood, paper, plastic, card, etc.

Advantages of picking station:

Simple setting

Comfortable and safe operation

Environmental protection

Flexible can be added according to the application of various modules

picking station

Density separator

Using the latest air separation technology can effectively separate the material into usable parts. The independent equipment greatly reduces the amount of waste that needs to be sent to the landfill and the transportation cost, which greatly reduces the cost expenditure.

Advantages of density separator:

· Quick and simple field installation capability

· Long service life, stability, and reliability

· Wide range of application

Density separator

Feeding roller

The innovative 2 - or 3-way split configuration is ideal for a wide range of applications. A key feature of the device is that it is fully enclosed, with a top cover and an outlet cover, which greatly reduces noise and dust.

Advantages of feeding drum:

· Quick and simple field installation capability

· Long service life, high performance, stability, and reliability

· Modular design is available

Feeding roller

To sum up, the static and mobile recycling plants developed by Qunfeng Heavy Industries Co., LTD are suitable for a wide range of applications. No matter small or large factory operators, we design and manufacture recycling plants that can ensure the normal operation for a long time to help operators achieve the maximum product and quickly obtain economic returns.

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