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Qunfeng Heavy Industry - Wind Sorting Machine(1)

Sep. 26, 2021

The wind separator is also called the wind crusher. By coarse crushing, fine crushing, wind conveying, and other devices, using the form of high-speed impact to achieve the purpose of the crusher The The use of wind energy into a single powder.

01 Device Introduction

Air separation technology takes advantage of the density characteristics of garbage and uses airflow to effectively separate garbage. This equipment is the core of our municipal solid waste separation system, which is used to separate the lighter, recyclable components from the contaminated inert materials. For waste recycling, the technology can greatly improve the recovery of small volumes of waste.

Wind Sorting Machine

02 Working Principle

Through the controllable air pressure and air volume, the separation of light material and heavy material is realized. The light material is directly transported out with the airflow generated by the fan through the automatic discharge device, and the heavy material falls into the belt machine below for collection/processing.

Wind Sorting Machine

03 Sorting materials

Glass bottles, plastic, tins, film, and paper

Qunfeng Heavy Industry - Wind Sorting Machine

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