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Recycling Rate 99% in Sweden

Jul. 10, 2019

Sweden is a country with a very strict and detailed waste classification. The garbage collection rate is 99%, and less than 1% of the waste is landfilled. Nearly half of the recyclable waste is used for incineration of electricity for residents to use for heating, electricity, and even garbage that is not enough to be imported from other countries.

Waste recycling is the process of collecting and reusing waste generated during human activities. Classified recycling can be carried out according to the nature of the waste or the nature of the industry. For example, industrial and mining wastes are mainly waste metals; domestic wastes are more complex, organic, inorganic, and metal products. In order to improve the efficiency and efficiency of recycling and disposal of waste, municipal domestic waste should also be classified and recycled. Special containers for paper, metal, glass, plastic and inorganic impurities can be set up in urban streets to provide conditions for the full treatment and utilization of waste.

Waste Transfer Station Project

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