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Turning waste hangers into shopping bags: every procedure behind it is so difficult!

Aug. 12, 2021

Nowadays, with the gradual increase in environmental protection awareness, people are beginning to pay attention to the environmental problems caused by the large-scale use of plastics. In the fast-fashion era, the gradual shortening of the lifespan of clothing has brought a heavy burden to the earth on which we live.

In recent years, breakthroughs have been made in plastic recycling technology. Plastic can not only be recycled into plastic products but also can be regenerated into yarn. Add more strength to the sustainable development of environmental protection and regeneration.


Turning waste hangers into shopping bags: every procedure behind it is so difficult!

At present, many major international brands have embarked on the road of sustainable development of environmental protection and regeneration. For example, an international sports brand has been puzzled by the problem of a large number of plastic hangers becoming waste products.

It is reported that in order to save the manpower and time of store goods, an international sports brand will directly hang clothes on hangers in the garment factory. The hangers left over from the sold goods will be directly shipped back to the factory for reuse. However, because in some areas there are only stores without factories, many hangers are turned into scraps every year.

The brand attaches great importance to environmental sustainability. The treatment of waste is not just recycling and incineration. If recycling can be achieved, it will greatly help environmental protection.

To improve the quality and durability of recycled materials, the types of recycled plastics need to be even more single. The brand uses a variety of hangers, including different plastic materials, and mixed with other additives. Therefore, it is extremely important to select the appropriate classification and reuse process.

For recyclable waste, especially the recycling of plastic resources, Qunfeng Heavy Industry has introduced the HERMIO technique from Europe. This technique can design, construct and operate all aspects of the utilization of plastic resources. To ensure that the quality of plastic recycled materials meets the needs of users, the whole process is not simple. There are four processes indispensable, including the crushing process, drying process, granulation process, and cutting process.



Turning waste hangers into shopping bags: every procedure behind it is so difficult!


Crushing process

The effect of crushing and washing with water is better. Because some good high-pressure membranes can be blown again without adding new materials if they are kept sufficiently clean. So pay attention to cleaning during the crushing process. When the crushed material flows to the water tank, it is best to roll again, in order to further rinse the cleaning point.

Drying process

Generally, the remaining water is dried in a spin dryer. If possible, dry it in the sun, which can save electricity bills and increase the amount. Of course, attention should be paid to prevent secondary pollution of materials during drying.

Granulation process

The pellets produced by a special extruder have two basic uses: film blowing and injection molding. The material coming out of the 60 to 80 mesh filter can be blow-molded again. The material coming out of the 40 to 60 mesh filter can meet the quality requirements of injection molding. Generally speaking, the high-pressure material is blown again, the good quality is good, and the black film and garbage bags are almost blown. The price after injection molding is even lower.

Pelletizing process

Usually, cold water is cut into pellets. In this process, attention must be paid to distinguishing labels when packaging. One for blow molding and one for injection molding, so as not to make mistakes. In addition, the packaging bag used for blow molding must be lined with an outer bag to avoid secondary pollution.

Qunfeng Heavy Industries can provide tailor-made solutions for plastic resource projects. Seek a balance between the customer's specific requirements and investment to meet the needs of users. The recyclable system technology provided by Qunfeng Heavy Industries has lower operating, maintenance, and repair costs. Realize the optimal utilization of resources with the least investment.

Through the plastic resource recycling process provided by Qunfeng Heavy Industry, waste clothes hangers can be successfully made into shopping bags. And these shopping bags can be recycled again if they are no longer used in the future, realizing the recycling of recyclable resources.

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