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A Paper To Understand The Value Of Construction Waste Resource Utilization, It Is Worth Collecting!

Jun. 19, 2021

A Paper To Understand The Value Of Construction Waste Resource Utilization, It Is Worth Collecting!

With the large-scale old city reconstruction and the acceleration of urbanization in China, the production of construction waste in China is increasing. Resource utilization of construction waste is the best way to solve the problem of the city surrounded by construction waste, which not only has economic benefits but also has social benefits.

Construction waste

Construction waste value

Old wood, wood chips

Old wood, wood chips are very common construction waste, this kind of material can be used as wood, can also be improved through processing, made into a composite plate. Or wood chips, sawdust, and other applications in fuel composting raw material plants, erosion protection projects, fully achieve the purpose of making the best use of things.

Old bricks and tiles

The bricks produced by the demolition of buildings can be reprocessed to burn paper-free bricks, made into water-stable aggregate for road foundation engineering, or reprocessed to burn hollow bricks, made of cement raw materials, etc., all of which have mature application formulas.

The old asphalt

After the separation and sorting of asphalt materials, they can be recycled and made into materials for paving the pavement surface layer and base layer.

The old concrete

This is the main component of construction waste and the most valuable part of recycling. After the concrete is crushed into powder, it can be used as filling material as various additives. Now the research on the recycling and utilization of old concrete is more mature, and it is widely used in the production of recycled concrete and recycled cement.

Recycling and utilization of concrete can greatly save resources, such as limestone, natural stones, and iron powder resources, which can reduce coal combustion through resource reuse.

Current situation of domestic construction waste

Start late, the amount of construction waste, the growth rate is fast

The treatment level is low, and long-term open-air stacking and landfill treatment methods are adopted, which occupy urban land and cause air pollution

Construction waste resource utilization rate is low

To solve the above problems, we need not only public awareness and sound national laws and regulations but also to improve the technology of construction waste treatment equipment. The former is a long-term construction process, while the latter can solve the current situation of construction waste in China more effectively.

Crushing is an essential link in the process of construction waste treatment. At present, fixed construction waste treatment equipment and mobile construction waste treatment equipment is the most commonly used.

Fixed construction waste disposal equipment

The use of fixed equipment requires piling infrastructure, a reasonable construction of a construction waste treatment production line, the equipment fixed, including crushing and screening equipment, the equipment investment cost is relatively low, suitable for a large site, large scale of construction waste treatment.

Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher

The crusher is composed of two jaw plates, moving jaw and static jaw, which simulates the movement of the two jaws of animals to complete the crushing operation of materials. Widely used in mine smelting, building materials, highway, railway water conservancy, and chemical industries, and other crushing of a variety of ores and bulk materials.

Impact crusher

Impact crusher

The material is crushed repeatedly in the crushing chamber from large to small by using the impact energy until the material is broken to the specified particle size. The equipment is mainly used for construction waste treatment and slag treatment.

Compound sieve

Compound sieve

Qunpeak composite screen can be screened twice in one operation, providing a high-efficiency screening solution for the treatment of sticky, wet materials. It is an ideal choice for the treatment of compost, wood, garbage, roller screening fine material, construction waste, and incinerator ash.

Mobile construction waste disposal equipment

Mobile construction waste treatment equipment is also called mobile crushing station, including feeding, crushing, conveying plus power system and control box, etc. The unit is installed as a whole. It has advanced technology, flexible mode, diverse configuration, and strong adaptability. And because the construction waste stacking is relatively scattered, the mobile crushing station is used as you go, crushing on the spot, transferring is convenient, avoiding the secondary pollution caused by back and forth transportation, more environmental protection, and saving the transportation and environmental management costs for users.

Mobile construction waste crusher

Mobile construction waste crusher

Mobile crusher is mainly used in railway, highway, metallurgy, coal mining, and other industries, especially the operation of the road, railway, construction waste, and other mobile materials.

Mobile crusher does not need to build steel frame structure and foundation construction, saving a lot of time and investment. The site can be directly selected, directly opened to the site, without transportation, directly reach the particle size of finished products. According to the size and different types of material requirements, the product is used in a variety of configurations. Can be customized according to customer requirements, flexible configuration, welcome customers to visit the purchase.

Product advantages:

1. Reliable performance, easy maintenance

2. High production efficiency and large processing capacity

3. Easy maintenance

4. Variety of configurations

The recycling of construction waste is a long-term work, which needs to be persistent to be able to complete and needs the joint efforts of all of us.

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