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What Are the Main Methods of Garbage Sorting?

Feb. 20, 2019

As the front-end technology of garbage disposal, garbage sorting technology is an indispensable procedure for resource reuse and waste processing follow-up chain. And especially in the chain of waste incineration, the use of Waste Sorting System is particularly important. Garbage sorting by Waste Sorting Machine can not only improve the utilization of resources to achieve the reuse of resources, but also improve the efficiency of waste incineration.

Waste Sorting System.jpeg

Garbage sorting technology can be used in different ways for different wastes. Garbage sorting technology can be divided into the following types:

First, the wind sorting

The basic principle of wind sorting is that the airflow takes the lighter materials upwards or the horizontal direction to the farther places, while the heavy materials are settled because the updraft cannot support them, or the inertia is thrown closer in the horizontal direction. distance. The wind separation process is based on the sedimentation laws of various solid particles in the air. The wind selection is mainly to recycle recycled materials such as paper and plastic.

Second, magnetic separation

The magnetic separation technology is mainly applied to the classification of mineral resources. The working principle of magnetic separation is that after the materials to be selected are given into the separation space of the magnetic separator, magnetic force and other mechanical forces (such as gravity, centrifugal force, friction force, medium) are received. Resistance, etc.).

Third, bounce sorting

The bounce sorting machine is a conveying device with a separating function designed for sorting inorganic particles in the coarsely crushed garbage. The machine utilizes the characteristics of the garbage material after crushing, and the bounce function of the conveying belt is used to transport the material while bouncing off the inorganic particles or other hard particles, and the separated particles and the conveying material move in opposite directions to achieve the purpose of sorting. . Bounce sorting is mainly to select batteries, ceramics, masonry and other components.

Fourth, density sorting

Mainly according to the density of the object for sorting, the garbage of different density values are classified.

Five, automatic sorting

The technology combines mechanical, automatic control, microbiology and other means, using the original mechanical biological sorting method and device in the fluid environment, sewage integrated wetland treatment and recycling technology, TR microbial detoxification and other technologies.

The development of waste sorting equipment provides greater possibilities for the goal of waste disposal to achieve harmlessness and reduction.

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