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Brief analysis of the working flow of waster baling machine

Apr. 20, 2019

Brief analysis of the working flow of waster baling machine

Waster Baling Machine Manufacturer shares that baling machine is very popular in the society. There are four kinds of baling machine: manual baling machine, semi-automatic baling machine, automatic baling machine and automatic unmanned baling machine. However, these four kinds of packing machines have their own advantages. Their purpose is to make the packaged object beautiful and well stored. But sometimes there will be some problems in the packing machine. If the packing machine can't be packed properly, it will affect the following work. How to solve this problem?

Working process of packing machine: Tape to send in place to receive strapping signal, brake release, the main motor startup - right top knife, resist right zone in skateboarding - the "T" type plate back to close to switch to retreat with the probe, main motor stalling, brake and off - > packing machine with motor rotation, back out with 0.35 seconds to belt tightening bundle on the object, main motor second start, brake and off to the big pendulum stem secondary drawstring, tighten belt - left acrosome, the lower clamping band - heating piece into two straps - in the top knife, cut the ribbon to the top knife down, in the top knife to rise again, the two top knife down and strong adhesive tape, About the top knife fell at the same time - heating chip reset - slide back to the "T" type guide reset, close to switch to send with the probe to send belt motor start, drive belt to send to big swinging rod reset, belt strap in place, take the lead to the "T" type guide proximity switch on the induction to the dual probe and main motor stalling, brake and off - > packing machine to complete a working cycle.      

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