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What Is a Baler?

Sep. 02, 2022

The baler machine is a useful recycling device. The press installed in the baler presses waste paper (such as cardboard) together and then binds them together to form a bale.

Baler machines are mainly used to process waste cardboard and soft plastics; but they are also flexible enough to pack more customized materials such as carpets, cans, and hard plastics. Balers are a solution that has trash bins on site, overflows, and is expensive to empty because they reduce the space occupied by these materials due to the bales.

Many companies produce a steady stream of cardboard, which becomes a nuisance once it is no longer needed. Placing each cardboard box inside a baler machine saves time for flat packaging and space in the box. When the cardboard baler is full, it will crush the cardboard box, then tie the cardboard box together, take it out of the machine, stack it neatly in the corner, and then it can be collected by the recyclers. The same process applies to soft plastic materials. 

In this way, there is no need to place any cardboard or plastic boxes on site, and these two materials will eventually not be mixed with ordinary garbage. The baler not only reduces the cost of the recyclable waste but also helps to improve the corporate social responsibility of an organization because there is no longer an opportunity for recyclable materials to be mixed with general waste.

FDY 1250 A Semi Automatic Baler

Cardboard recycling equipment, such as cardboard baler, can choose different shapes and sizes according to needs. Each business will generate different amounts and different types of waste, so it is important that they get a perfect fit for them and their recyclable load.

Due to potential space constraints and the amount of waste generated, businesses such as restaurants, bars, offices, and shops are likely to need small to medium-sized balers. In contrast, for example, factories may need a rolling mill-sized baler to handle a larger waste stream, and they have room to accommodate a larger baler.

The baler machine is also environmentally friendly. Bundling discarded cardboard and plastic in bundles means that they will not be dumped in trash bins and sent to landfills. Instead, these packages are collected by recyclers. Depending on the weight and quality of the package, the recycler is also willing to provide a rebate for the packaged materials, which only the baler can do.

In summary, the baler has the potential to save money, space, and time for enterprises. When there are trash cans on-site, these three are all problems, but with the waste baler, the demand for trash cans is significantly reduced.

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