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Waste Paper Baler Machine- Create Efficient Office Space

Dec. 18, 2018

Paper Baler Machine is mainly used for packing and compressing the materials such as waste plastics, waste paper, straw, straw, cloth, metal scraps, etc., reducing storage space and facilitating transportation. According to customer's output and materials recommendation You recommend the most economical equipment, and design and develop a chemical explosion-proof baler, which has the characteristics of low cost, high flexibility and economical cost. It is an essential equipment for resource recycling.

Paper Baler Machine

Applicable to: compressed packaging of waste paper, waste plastic, straw, cloth, sponge, household waste, (metal) trim, straw, adhesive tape, film, etc., easy to store, reduce transportation costs

Corrugated cardboard hydraulic baler advantages:

(1) Low cost: The vertical baler has a variety of models for customers to choose freely, with low investment cost and high profit efficiency, which greatly reduces storage space and transportation costs;

(2) Simple operation: low noise, low failure rate, easy operation, factory-equipped equipment manual and safety warning label, single machine with control electric box, easy installation, no special site requirements.

We supply Garbage Sorting System and paper baler machine. If you have demand, welcome to contact us.

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