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Treatment Method and Advantages of Domestic Garbage Sorting Equipment(Part 2)

Apr. 08, 2020

The equipment is classified according to the local garbage resource utilization and treatment methods. The difficulty of the existing garbage classification is that ordinary people cannot distinguish which garbage can be recycled and those which are not recyclable. Therefore, most garbage needs to be sorted by mechanical equipment at a later stage. China mobile waste sorting machine, automatic waste sorting mechanism overcomes the shortcomings of the existing technology. The conveying device transfers the waste to the automatic waste sorting pool, and the waste falls freely to its bottom. High-quality plastic or paper is blown into the light waste area by the air hood. The material can be crushed on-site, and it can follow the progress of the raw material mining surface, which increases the transportation cost of the material. Good classification. High production efficiency, can sort 100-150 tons of decoration garbage or domestic garbage per hour, can replace 30-60 artificial labor, complete sets of domestic garbage processing equipment, carbon dioxide and other gases generated by landfill of domestic garbage processing equipment.

Nir Optical Sorting System

Nir Optical Sorting System

The first advantage of recycling sorting equipment is that it adopts an integrated whole set of equipment, which eliminates the trouble of customers' own installation. At the same time, the compact structure expands the space for material stacking. The second advantage is its mobile flexibility, which can be used to crush materials directly at the construction site, reducing the cost of materials in transportation. The third advantage is its strong applicability, which can provide customers with a simpler work process, reduce the cost of production in the customer, and bring greater economic benefits to the customer.

If domestic garbage is not rationalized and harmlessly treated. Harmless treatment of domestic garbage is a major problem facing society today. Old garbage has been stored for a long time, and some debris has decayed and deteriorated. It is classified according to the purpose of garbage reuse. And fresh garbage may face more comprehensive mixing of domestic waste and construction waste.

Make urban domestic waste a renewable resource. The composition of urban domestic waste is very complex. Commonly, there are recyclable waste such as waste paper, plastic, glass, metal and cloth, but also kitchen waste, hazardous waste, and other waste. Recycling garbage, the rest of the garbage can be crushed, squeezed, and dried to be used as fuel for incineration to generate electricity. Before the municipal solid waste is crushed, it must be sorted. Small trash, etc. and recyclables are sorted out to reduce crusher damage. Use garbage to sort out domestic garbage and use it in an innocuous process.

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