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Qunfeng Heavy Industry--Commercial and Industrial Waste Disposal System

Sep. 07, 2021

Commercial and industrial waste usually contains a mixture of wood, metal, plastic, cardboard, and paper, and may also contain small amounts of concrete, bricks, rubble, and soil. With commercial and industrial waste processing systems, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, inert materials (e.g., bricks, concrete), and combustible materials are screened out of the material. The screened metals are transported to specialized outside companies for sorting and recycling. Inert materials are recycled into construction aggregates. Combustible materials are processed into engineered fuels (PEF), which can replace traditional fossil fuels.

01. Industry Applications

1. It can be made into construction materials such as cement, concrete aggregates, bricks and tiles, fiber, cast stone, etc.

2. Extraction of iron, aluminum, copper, lead, zinc, and other metals and rare metals such as vanadium, uranium, germanium, molybdenum, scandium, titanium, etc.

3. It can be used as fertilizer, soil conditioner, wastewater treatment, fire extinguishing in mines, and chemical filler.

4. The heat or electricity generated by incineration has good social and economic benefits.

02. Solutions

Commercial and industrial waste treatment system

Industrial and commercial waste treatment system (I)

The industrial and commercial waste enters the site through the special waste transporter and then directly enters the coarse crusher feed hopper. At the same time as bag breaking, the material particle size is crushed to below 250mm.

The domestic waste crushed by the primary crusher is transported to the disc sieve by the transfer belt machine. The disc sieving screen separates the waste into two sizes: top and bottom. During the screening process, the metal material is screened out by the magnetic separator at the same time. The top and bottom of the screen are transported to the wind separator. The light and heavy materials are separated by the wind separator. Heavy materials (stone, glass, concrete, etc.) are transferred to the designated place for landfill. Light materials (paper, plastic, and other combustible materials) enter the secondary crusher. After secondary crushing, the waste is sorted out from the iron-containing (magnetic material) material by the iron remover. The remaining waste is made into finished waste (RDF fuel).


Commercial and industrial waste treatment system

Commercial and industrial waste treatment system (II)

To enable maximum resource utilization of waste, Qunfeng has introduced a more complex process route. This route adds composite sieve, bouncing sieve, and AI robot system to the original one, which is able to sort the industrial and commercial waste in a fine way. With this system, we can sieve out wood, paper, fiber, concrete, bricks, metal, etc. separately. The screened materials can be directly transported to downstream units for reuse.

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