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Huaxia Castle Peak: The Distance Between "Construction Waste" And "Resources" Is Only One "Reuse"

May. 14, 2021

Huaxia Castle Peak: The Distance Between "Construction Waste" And "Resources" Is Only One "Reuse"

With the rapid development of China's economy and society, the development of urbanization has produced a huge amount of construction waste. Data show that the annual production of urban construction waste in China has exceeded 2 billion tons. At present, China's construction waste disposal is still in the initial stage of development, the utilization rate of resources is low, and the main ways of low added value, such as backfilling, brick making, etc. Most of the construction waste is still in open storage, landfill, and other extensive ways, occupy land, pollute the environment, affect the city appearance and health, easy to lead to safety risks, etc. How to recycle construction waste becomes an urgent problem to be solved!


First, construction waste can be used to produce recycled aggregate

Construction waste has a huge output and has the property of resource utilization. Its resource treatment and utilization need to be industrialized and promoted on a large scale. Related industries have important market development opportunities. Using construction waste to produce recycled aggregate is not only beneficial to solve the problems of storage area and environmental pollution, but also beneficial to reduce the use cost of building raw materials, and then reduce environmental problems such as river damage, soil erosion, and natural landscape deterioration caused by the massive exploitation of sand and stone resources.

Second, other materials can be recycled from construction waste

Construction waste is a kind of multi-component mixture, in addition to waste concrete, waste brick and tile, and other inorganic hard groups, but also contains waste wood, waste asphalt, waste metal, waste plastic, and other components. Construction waste shall be utilized separately on the basis of effective separation of components:

Scrap metal can be used in steel smelting;

Scrap metal

Waste wood, waste plastic, and other combustible materials can be used for burning power generation;

 Waste wood

Muck can be used for greening, backfilling, etc.;


Waste concrete, waste bricks and tiles, and other main components can be processed to produce a certain gradation of granules -- recycled aggregate, which can replace natural sand aggregate for the production of green building materials such as recycled concrete, recycled dry mixed mortar, recycled inorganic mixture, recycled concrete products, so as to realize the resource disposal of construction waste.

Third, China's construction waste resource disposal status quo

The research on the recycling disposal of construction waste in China started relatively late and has not yet formed a complete technological system. In order to regulate the production and application of recycled aggregate of construction waste, two standards have been issued in recent years, namely, "Recycling Fine Aggregate for Concrete and Mortars" and "Recycling Coarse Aggregate for Concrete" and "Technical Specification for the Application of Recycling Aggregate". The classification and specification of recycled aggregate, requirements for performance indexes, test methods and rules, transportation and storage of recycled aggregate, and the technical requirements for its application in various recycled building materials are stipulated. Cities such as Shenzhen, Kunming, Tianjin, Cangzhou has carried out the construction waste recycling of pilot, but overall the low level of production technology, processing means, in the traditional application of production technology and mobile complete crushing screening equipment is given priority to, the lack of system and efficient in removing impurity facilities, the intensity of labor is big, poor product quality recycled aggregates.

construction waste recycling

Fourth, China's construction waste recycling technology research survey

The process of recycling construction waste is different from the common crushing and screening process of natural sand and stone aggregate. In order to meet the requirements of national product quality standards, on the basis of crushing and screening, the processing measures of sorting and impurity removal must be fully considered in the production process of the recycled aggregate of construction waste, and according to the use of recycled aggregate products, the process of aggregate shaping, strengthening and the process of micro-powder removal must be determined.

1. Technology and Equipment for Recycling Construction Waste into Recycling Aggregate for Recycling Construction Waste, the general required process is: sorting and impurity removal, crushing, screening, aggregate shaping and strengthening, production of recycled products, etc. The production of recycled aggregate can be used for recycled concrete, recycled ready-mixed mortar, recycled inorganic mixture, recycled concrete products, etc. At present, the domestic technology and equipment system in this field has become increasingly mature.

2. Sorting and impurity removal technology and equipment Construction waste sorting and impurity removal can be divided into manual and mechanical sorting in two ways. What's the difference between these two approaches? Mechanical separation is based on the size, magnetism, specific gravity, and other physical characteristics of debris in the construction waste in the different efficient separation, mainly including screening, wind separation, magnetic separation, hydraulic flotation, etc. Artificial sorting is mainly aimed at non-magnetic metals, glass, ceramics, and other impurities difficult to separate by general mechanical means. In the process of resource treatment of construction waste, a variety of sorting methods are often needed in the process of removing impurity because of the variety of impurities.

Fifth, concluding remarks

Huaxia Qingshan believes that vigorously promoting the recycling disposal of construction waste is the inevitable requirement and mainstream trend of sustainable development strategy, and the preparation technology and equipment of recycled aggregate is the key to the recycling disposal of construction waste. The preparation of recycled aggregate is no longer simply equivalent to the crushing and screening process used in mines. We must through extensive draw lessons from and absorbing foreign advanced technology and equipment technology, basic no source for Chinese construction waste classification and composition of the complex of national conditions must fully consider sorting in the process, the strict control of micro powder content, soil, the content of recycled aggregates and the contents of impurities, supplemented by particle technology such as plastic, guarantee the quality of the construction waste recycled aggregate to meet the national standard, In order to realize the application of recycled aggregate in concrete and dry mixed mortar.

Huaxia castle peak as the pioneer of the comprehensive utilization of construction waste, construction waste processing system research, and development production by construction waste can be processed into a variety of recycled aggregates, including raw materials, concrete aggregate, new wall materials roadbase filling materials, high-speed rail construction sand, and gravel aggregate, etc., not only can be in situ regeneration to reduce transport costs, but also can avoid secondary pollution.

construction waste recycling

It is understood that China green building garbage disposal equipment - mobile crushing station system integration, and good innovation, the whole production line adopts fully enclosed design production, equipped with dust removal iron removal equipment, it has the characteristics of high productivity, stable operation, and zero emissions, full braking control by computer, touch screen operation, safe and reliable work, saving energy, Its comprehensive performance has reached the international level of similar systems, with remarkable economic and social benefits.

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