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Factors that affect the effect of waste sorting machine

May. 10, 2021

Factors that affect the effect of waste sorting machine

The influence of the deflection angle of the magnetic system on the waste sorting machine. The magnetic declination indicating device is arranged on the drive end shaft of the magnetic separator, and the magnetic declination angle can be adjusted by moving the adjusting nut. If the magnetic declination angle is too large or too small, it is not good. For the garbage sorter company, too small will affect the grade of the material and make the magnetic particles smaller. If the angle is too large, it is good to improve the quality of the concentrate, because only magnetic particles have a chance to be selected, small magnetic particles will have no chance to enter the tailings, which improves the grade of the tailings and reduces the recovery rate. Therefore, how to properly adjust the mdec size according to operation, and generally produces an angle adjustment of 15° to 20°. Adjust the magnetic declination angle. If there is no change in the production operating conditions and requirements, please do not move.

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