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How to promote the garbage sorting system?

Sep. 07, 2019

Garbage sorting is the sorting of garbage according to“recyclable and reusable”and “non-recyclable and reusable”, and it is re-converted into resources by sorting and recycling. The implementation of garbage classification, which is related to the living environment of the broad masses of the people, and the conservation of resources, is also an important manifestation of the level of social civilization.

Garbage classification should stand at the height of ecological civilization construction. The government should take the initiative to guide the whole society to realize that waste classification is a breakthrough in production methods and lifestyle habits, and even productivity is a breakthrough in production relations. The concrete actions reflected from the industrial civilization to the ecological civilization are the only way to enhance happiness and realize beautiful China. Recognizing garbage, managing garbage, and disposing of garbage have become key issues that cannot be avoided in urban governance. From the dispute of “landfill” or “burning” to the concern of “we have divided the class, the end is still mixed and mixed”, the government is reminded that the government should guide the top-level design and proceed from the systematic management concept. To protect the enthusiasm of residents to participate in garbage sorting, to protect the enthusiasm of everyone involved, to arrange the matching of various service resources, to guide everyone to participate in waste sorting through land arrangements, policy matching, and establishment of garbage sorting equipment, and to guide enterprises to implement waste. Classification processing.

Enterprises should become the main force in winning the battle of garbage classification, relying on enterprises to build a municipal waste sorting system. The fundamental purpose of waste sorting is to transform waste into urban minerals. Once it becomes a mineral resource, it will generate demand for trading and utilization. Therefore, it is very important to build a trading regulatory platform. With the trading supervision platform, it is possible to transform the current hidden industry into an explicit industrial chain, forming a huge market and social demand, thus driving the development of the industry.

Waste sorting is a systematic project. Garbage classification is the front end and source. The storage, transportation and transfer stations are the middle end, and the processing facilities are the end. The system arrangement at each stage can ensure the success of the waste control. Therefore, government departments need to provide space planning and subsidy policies for the classification and recycling services and resource recycling. For the dry and wet garbage sorting and recycling services, it is necessary to consider adjusting the garbage loading and unloading points and transforming the garbage compression station facilities; for the recycling of harmful, low-value garbage and bulk furniture, it is necessary to set up recycling sorting equipment, which needs to be built. The industrial parks that are recycled by resources will foster the industrial chain of urban mineral resources utilization.

Everyone is the creator of garbage, and everyone has a responsibility to participate in garbage sorting. Garbage classification is the source of the entire garbage management system. Doing garbage sorting will have a multiplier effect on waste management.

Paying attention to garbage classification is by no means a big deal. It is difficult to do it well. Through government guidance, enterprise-led and everyone's participation, we will do a good job in waste sorting to develop waste control into an emerging industry that meets the requirements of ecological civilization in the new era. Through the publicity and education of waste sorting, we will continuously improve the level of environmental education and ecological civilization education.

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