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Sanitation equipment cleaning process

Oct. 15, 2019

With the development of the times, municipal solid waste has gradually become a problem that cannot be ignored. The implementation of environmental sanitation is particularly important today in the construction of urban environment, which affects the city's cityscape. Recently, all over the country have increased capital investment in sanitation equipment and introduced environmental sanitation equipment, which has greatly improved the efficiency of environmental sanitation.

In terms of road cleaning, sanitation equipment is very important. The road sweeping vehicle with sweeping cleaning equipment with anti-dust function is very popular among people. This kind of road sweeping vehicle not only can meet the needs of road cleaning and cleaning operations in our city, saving Water resources, and can reduce the dust in the air, is conducive to the improvement of air quality. For winter snowfall, the treatment of road icing, snow removal equipment is indispensable. In the past, the chemical method of salt removal was used to remove snow. This method not only removes snow slowly, but also causes damage to tree vegetation. It is not environmentally safe and safe. Snow removal vehicle Mainly based on mechanical snow removal equipment, and replaced with new organic snow melting agent, reducing environmental damage, more clean and environmentally friendly.

Municipal solid waste sorting equipment can protect our shared ecological environment while keeping the city clean, which is beneficial.

Sanitation equipment is an important part of urban sanitation operations. It must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after the completion of a cleaning operation at the msw treatment plant. Therefore, sanitation equipment includes not only work equipment, but also cleaning equipment. Today we will talk about the process of cleaning garbage trucks.

Sanitation equipment cleaning process

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Sanitation cleaning equipment consists of electric railings, vehicle position sensing system, fixed arch type high pressure cleaning system, chassis and wheel cleaning system, clean water system, washing water system, disinfection water system, scrubbing system, vibration dehydration system, control system and related equipment. Facilities composition. The fixed arch type high-pressure cleaning system is equipped with 10 sets of high-pressure nozzles, which spray high-pressure washing water from garbage trucks with different angles and different heights. The flushing force is large and there is no dead angle, and the dirt and attachments of the garbage truck body are washed away; The chassis and wheel cleaning system can thoroughly clean the garbage truck chassis and wheels; the brushing system consists of three sets of brushes. The position and strength of the vehicle are adjusted to ensure that the washing effect is not scratched. The disinfection water is sufficient for the garbage truck. Eliminate the garbage truck and prevent the garbage truck from becoming a source of bacteria and toxic and harmful substances; the vehicle position sensing system and the PLC and other control systems enable the garbage truck to start the corresponding working system according to the different positions during the driving and cleaning process of the car wash platform, and control the inverter drive. The brush rotating mechanism realizes the automatic cleaning of the garbage truck; the vibration dewatering system attaches the garbage truck to the garbage truck after cleaning, and a small amount of washing water is urged to completely fall off on the car wash platform by vibration. In addition, in order to prevent the pollution caused by the water spray on the car wash and the loss of the car wash water, a translucent water-blocking device is arranged on both sides and the top of the car wash main body, and the water-blocking facility closes the car wash host to keep the whole car wash host clean and tidy.

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