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Process Technology of Domestic Waste Pretreatment System to Help New Urban Appearance

May. 19, 2022

Process Technology of Domestic Waste Pretreatment System to Help New Urban Appearance

Household Waste Sorting System


In recent years, although I have made many attempts to promote the classified mobile phone treatment of domestic waste, the effect of classified collection of domestic waste is not very obvious due to the weak awareness of residents' classified collection of waste and the imperfect waste classification and treatment equipment and supporting system. Mixed collection of garbage is still one of the characteristics of domestic garbage in China.


Through a full set of domestic waste pretreatment technology, the mixed type of domestic waste can be changed, the waste can be recycled, and the pressure on the capacity of subsequent treatment equipment can be relieved.


According to the analysis, the domestic waste mixture in China generally has the advantages of low calorific value, high water content, high ash content and more recyclable resources. Screening the domestic waste mixture is the top priority of waste treatment.


The process of Huaxia Qingshan domestic waste pretreatment system is mainly composed of screening, sorting, gravity sorting, wind sorting, light matter sorting, magnetic sorting and photoelectric sorting.


After the domestic garbage is transported to the treatment plant by a special garbage transport vehicle, it enters the closed unloading room, automatically opens the rolling shutter door according to the site conditions through photoelectric switch or radar monitoring system and video monitoring, and then the transport vehicle automatically unloads the garbage. During the unloading process, it automatically opens the sterilization and disinfection device and negative pressure deodorization system for harmless treatment of the garbage.


The domestic waste is transported to the feed hopper of the coarse crusher of the waste sorting and pretreatment system through the plate feeder and transfer belt conveyor. When the bag is broken, the particle size of the material is broken to less than 250mm. The domestic waste crushed by the coarse crusher is transported to the drum screen by the transfer belt conveyor. An iron remover is set on the transfer belt conveyor. The iron remover separates the iron (magnetic material) contained in the crushed domestic waste. The working state of magnetic separation is closed. The drum screen separates domestic garbage into two specifications: more than 80mm (above the screen) and less than 80mm (below the screen).


Through the Huaxia Qingshan domestic waste pretreatment system, the purpose of resource recycling can be realized. For example, the screened paper, plastic and metal can be recycled, and the remaining materials can be made into RDF, so as to truly realize the harmless treatment of waste and help the new urban appearance.

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