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Tian Weidong And His Party Went to Qunfeng for Investigation

May. 18, 2022

Tian Weidong, Secretary of Dezhou municipal Party committee, emphasized promoting the agglomeration and development of advantageous and characteristic industrial clusters during his investigation in Ningjin County.

On May 8, Tian Weidong, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, visited Ningjin County for investigation. He stressed that we should unswervingly adhere to the advanced manufacturing industry, build a strong city, speed up the cultivation of key industrial chains, and promote the agglomeration and development of advantageous and characteristic industrial clusters. Zhao Xuekun, member of the Standing Committee and Secretary General of the municipal Party committee, accompanied him.


Tian Weidong, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, and his party went to Shandong Qunfeng Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. for investigation. During this period, Tian Weidong went deep into the workshop to learn more about the production and operation of the enterprise, held a symposium and listened to the opinions and suggestions of the person in charge of the enterprise.

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Tian Weidong pointed out that the manufacturing industry is the foundation of establishing and strengthening the city. We should focus on building a strong city with advanced manufacturing industry, strengthen enterprise recruitment, project construction, factor allocation and talent support, strengthen the industrial chain, optimize the supply chain, enhance the value chain and gather talent chain, so as to create a number of characteristic industrial chains with core competitiveness. We should do a solid job in the work of "six stabilities" and "six guarantees", focus on the blocking points and difficult problems of enterprises in the links of talent introduction and retention, financing loans, recruitment and employment, come up with practical policies and measures, implement various preferential policies for enterprises, and make greater efforts to solve difficulties for enterprises.

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Enterprises should increase R & D investment, speed up technological transformation, and continuously enhance their comprehensive strength and core competitiveness. Entrepreneurs are scarce resources in society. We should create a strong atmosphere of respecting, caring and supporting entrepreneurs in the whole society, encourage entrepreneurs to strengthen their confidence in development, promote entrepreneurship, and promote enterprises to play a greater role and achieve greater development.

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