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What Are the Core Elements of a Incineration System? Did You Get It? (Part 1)

May. 13, 2020

► modern waste incineration plants

When it comes to garbage disposal, is certainly not open around "burn", burning, as a kind of more ancient and traditional way of garbage disposal, has appeared in the early years of human civilization, but it really becomes a kind of special technology, life rubbish and disposing of hazardous waste is in the middle of the 19th century, when people burned infectious disease epidemic area may have infectious diseases of garbage, to control the spread of the infectious disease and spread.

After more than 100 years of development, incineration is no longer the "find a place to burn the garbage" honest boy in ancient times. After continuous upgrading and evolution, it is now mature and reliable. It is not only able to deal with the garbage disposal, but also very friendly to the environment.

A complete incineration system contains seven major subsystems: waste storage and pretreatment system, feed system, incineration system, waste heat utilization system, flue gas purification and emission system, electric instrument automatic control system, auxiliary system, and Each subsystem are composed of many devices. If a simple analogy is made, these devices and subsystems correspond to the organs and systems of the human body. The complex operation of the organs ensures the realization of the functions of the subsystems. Each subsystem cooperates with each other to ensure the entire incineration. The normal operation of the system.

There are three core problems to be solved in a waste to energy system. This is also the basic criterion for judging whether it is qualified:


Sufficiency of combustion

The core purpose of incineration is to make a waste reduction and harmlessness. Only by fully burning in the incinerator can the number of residues and hazards be reduced, the capacity reduction after hazardous waste incineration can be improved, and the heat can be fully utilized.

Incineration System

Incineration System

Agile Environmental Protection Group's system uses a set of secondary combustion technology of rotary kiln + grate

► Rotary kiln and grate

During the operation, the hazardous waste rotates in a circular motion along with the rotation of the long cylindrical rotary kiln, so as to fully burn, and then the burning residue discharged from the rotary kiln directly falls on the grate at the tail. The residue of the ash is pushed, turned, and moved slowly forward while burning. The unburned ash material in the residue continues to burn and burn until the end of the grate, falls into the slag well, and is cooled by the slag discharger.

► Secondary combustion technology

In this way, after the double roasting of the rotary kiln + grate, the hazardous waste will eventually become "ash".

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