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What Are the Core Elements of a Incineration System?Did You Get It? (Part 2)

May. 14, 2020

2 Smoke purification effect

Everyone knows that if the incineration is not processed, it will inevitably produce toxic or harmful gases. As the messenger to eliminate waste and purify the environment, of course, incineration cannot produce pollution while eliminating pollution. Therefore, another key to the incineration system is flue gas purification.

  ► Activated carbon adsorption device

Taking the dioxin that everyone is most familiar with and caring about as an example, first, during the incineration process, stable, sufficient, and multi-stage combustion has minimized the production of dioxin, and then, the flue gas has to pass the temperature above 1100 ℃ The second combustion chamber of the second combustion, the dioxin-like substances have been basically eliminated, you know, this has not yet reached the flue gas purification link. Therefore, the final multi-stage flue gas treatment mode of "dry deacidification + activated carbon adsorption + wet deacidification + activated coke purification device" almost eliminates dioxin and reaches the EU and domestic flue gas emission standards (ps: Less than 0.0000001 mg toxicity equivalent / per cubic meter)

Waste To Energy System In Operation

 Waste To Energy System In Operation

Waste to energy system in operation

After a series of flue gas purification treatments, finally, what will be discharged into the atmosphere will be a safe, clean, colorless gas (ps: white water vapor is formed at low temperature).

3 System stability

Whether it can maintain stable operation for a long time is another key indicator for evaluating the incineration system. The instability of the system will inevitably bring time and maintenance costs. At the same time, if hazardous wastes are not handled in time, it will also bring hidden dangers. The stability of the system is affected by many factors, including the problem of coking (which is caused by the softened ash in the incinerator being cooled and sticking to the heated surface), which not only affects the full combustion mentioned above The purification effect of gas and flue gas is severely forced to shut down the furnace, shortening the life of the equipment.

► Hazardous waste incineration line

Of course, maintaining the stable operation of the system is not only a solution to the problem of coking but also the selection and installation of refractory materials for the rotary kiln and the prevention of dust accumulation.

Seeing here, everyone should be able to understand that incineration is not as simple as burning. It is supported by a complete, complex, and scientific incineration system. This system has strict design and operation standards to ensure that it can not only effectively reduce weight 1. Harmless waste around us, resolve the crisis of garbage siege, save precious land resources, beautify our living environment, and also cause no secondary pollution to the environment, and live in harmony with the surrounding environment. Therefore, if one day encounters a tall and thin incinerator "Chimney King", don't be afraid. As an environmental guard, it has been carefully caring for our home.

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