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The crushing system display of garden waste and building material waste that our company represents, welcome to browse.

Jan. 13, 2020

Crushing system service for garden waste and building material waste, which is represented by Dezhou Qunfeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

The main services include waste separation and treatment, landfills for domestic waste, treatment of large-scale urban waste, treatment before incineration of biomass power plants, garbage

A series of treatment items such as the treatment before the incineration of power plants, the treatment of biomass materials for garden trees, the disposal of house attachments, and waste tires.

The company has a series of products such as waste recycling equipment factory, garbage sorting system, biogas power plant, etc. The products can complete the waste disposal in time and quickly.

Our company also has a professional service team with many years of maintenance experience and skilled after-sales service personnel. Good after-sales service brings more working hours and better economic benefits to customers.

We welcome environmental sanitation, environmental protection, urban construction, residential construction, garbage power generation, biomass power generation, gardening, forestry and post-disaster emergency treatment departments to contact us for further information.

Crushing system service

Crushing system service

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