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There Is No Place For Big Garbage Too Chicken Ribs, It "Home" At The End Where?

Jun. 04, 2021

There Is No Place For Big Garbage Too Chicken Ribs, It "Home" At The End Where?

Put away the iron, the brass, the slippers

When I was a child

You always hear it at home

The cries of scrap

Big old furniture, old home appliances

How should we deal with it?

"I asked the recycler to move away, but the recycler said that there would be a charge for moving downstairs and then out of the community";

"I don't want my furniture anymore, I can't sell it, and I can't bear to throw it away";


Did not expect that the disposal of large garbage will be so troublesome, has become a hot potato?!

What is Bulk Trash?

Bulk garbage

Bulk garbage refers to the waste with a weight of more than 5kg, or a volume of > 0.2m³, or a length of more than 1m, which has strong integrity and needs to be dismantled and reused or treated, such as furniture, home appliances, decoration waste and so on. This kind of garbage will bring a lot of inconvenience in the treatment and transportation.

Big Garbage

The traditional way to deal with large garbage is landfill, but this way takes up more space and is difficult to recycle. In addition, many citizens think that landfill is more troublesome, so they are not willing to deal with it, which forms a common scene for us: There is no place to put large garbage "lying" on the roadside, the corner of the community, building passways and other places, some abandoned garbage heap even become the hiding place of rats and cockroaches, not only affect the environmental health, residents travel, but also the existence of safety risks.

What to do with bulky garbage?

Bulk garbage is generally collected by the local sanitation administration and put to the designated place by the government, and then dismantled, sorted, and incinerated by the designated unit.

In the process of dismantling, the large-volume crushing and dismantling are carried out by the equipment of the large-volume garbage crushing system, which can solve the problems of transportation difficulties and inconvenience, and the incineration can be more sufficient.

Sorting link by the bulky waste sorting system equipment to sort out metal and non-metal, non-metal includes leather, wood, etc.

After the treatment of large garbage can be resources, waste metal, and iron wire can be melted, fabric, leather, wood can become fuel!

Qunfeng Heavy Industry & Huaxia Qingshan Co., Ltd. According to the characteristics of large garbage, combined with mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and intelligent technologies, the comprehensive treatment system of large garbage developed and designed by Qunfeng Heavy Industry & Huaxia Qingshan Co., Ltd. is mainly composed of heavy chain conveyor, biaxial shear crusher, iron removal device, dust removal system, intelligent control system, etc.


Heavy chain conveyor or loader will heavy junk to the broken warehouse, the biaxial shear crusher will mix solid wastes had broken into smaller granularity, broken in the process of automatic separation of metal materials and other materials, metal materials by the iron remover automatic discharge into the buffer device, other materials through closed belt conveyor sent to the junk QingYunChe, a complete set of production line equipped with dust system, By the truck sent to the terminal disposal site, to realize the rapid transfer of garbage, effective capacity reduction, reasonable classification treatment.


According to customer requirements, Qunfeng Heavy Industry & Huaxia Qingshan can develop and design a set of the completed large-scale waste integrated treatment systems, including crusher, conveyor belt, sorting machine, dust removal system, etc.

Coarse crusher

Coarse crusher

A coarse crusher is used for crushing large or large volume materials such as household garbage, large garbage, vehicle shell, etc. The material can be broken to 100-350mm particle size.



Full airtight type conveyor, good airtight, can effectively prevent leachate backflow, leakage, and odor diffusion and odor collection. It is suitable for the treatment of household waste, kitchen waste, and construction waste with large dust.



The separation technology of the air separation system makes use of the density characteristic of garbage and uses airflow to separate garbage effectively. This technology can improve the recovery rate of small-volume garbage. The shape and function of the equipment are personalized designed to meet the different needs of customers.

Magnetic separation

Magnetic separation

The metal separation system uses permanent magnets to separate the iron from the waste without the need for a motor drive. Conveyor belts revolve around huge permanent magnets to separate wire, nails, and gas canisters. The body of the magnetic separator is made of steel structure, non-magnetic, so as to avoid the iron material on the body of the magnetic separator.

Qunfeng Heavy Industry & Huaxia Qingshan Heavy Waste Resource Treatment at the same time can obtain good social benefits, beautify the city appearance, enhance the city image and competitiveness; Resource regeneration, in line with the circular economy policy requirements.

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