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Have You done All These Things for Epidemic Prevention?

Mar. 13, 2020

In 2020, in such an unusual way, the "home" will undoubtedly become everyone's daily life. With various reflections on the present, people's awareness of health is deepening, more and more attention is paid to the deep relationship between health and housing, and people are thinking about the importance of health. Outbreak protection measures are still very important at this time!

Environmental equipment manufacturer brings a full set of guidelines for epidemic prevention:

01 Inspection package before going out

Masks (2-3 pieces), protective glasses, disposable gloves, disinfection wipes, paper towels, disposable hand sanitizer, alcohol spray, be prepared, don't complain about too many things, and take precautions. Remember to wear a mask before going out, don't forget to put it in your bag!


1. Taking disposable masks as an example, what is the correct way to wear a mask?

① The dark side is facing outward and the light side is facing in. The end with the metal strip is above the mask;

② Wash your hands first, then wear a mask, and hang the rope on your ears at both ends;

③ Use both hands to press the metal strips on both sides of the bridge of the nose so that the metal strips are close to the bridge of the nose;

④ Then stretch the mask downward to cover the nose and mouth completely and fit the face;

⑤ When taking off, avoid touching the front of the mask (contaminated), take off the rope at both ends, and fold the disease into the trash can.

2. When do I need to change my mask?

① The mask is broken or damaged;

② Can not fit closely to the face;

③ The mask has received pollution (if there are droplets or other pollutants);

④ When the mask has a strange smell.

3. Can I take an alcohol spray to the train?

Alcohol or 75% medical alcohol cannot be brought into the station. The disinfection items that can be stationed are: alcohol disinfection wipes / cotton pads / cotton balls and 84 disinfectants in a suitable package within 700 ml.

02 Transportation

When going out, it is recommended to choose walking, biking or taxiing as much as possible. Anyway, it is where fewer people go. There is no way to crowd people!

Different travel modes have important points that need to be protected.

Bike ride

Purpose: Remember to sterilize shared bicycles before they are placed in public places for a long time, and they are often used. Therefore, disinfect the handle with alcohol wipes or alcohol spray before unlocking!

2. Subway or bus

Purpose: Hide your hands, and try to keep the place where there is extremely dense crowds, the protection awareness must be online:

① Cooperate with body temperature measurement, keep the distance in line, wait for the next bus when full;

② After getting in the car, even if the car is stuffy, don't take off the mask;

③ Crowded people, back to back, choose a place to ventilate;

④Less touch the facilities in the car, less use mobile phones to cause bacteria;

⑤ Don't panic if you have a fever or cough! Keep a distance of 1-2 meters or more, depending on the situation, it is necessary to transfer in time;

⑥ Wipe or wash your hands with disinfectant wipes after getting out of the car.

3.Taxi or online booking

Purpose: Don't chat.

① When opening or closing the door, use a paper towel or gloves to open the door handle;

② Drive through the windows and ventilate, sit in the back row, avoid talking with the driver, and avoid the spread of saliva.

4. Take the elevator or escalator

Purpose: Do a good job of "isolation". Remember to wash your hands when going out of the station, entering the station, or arriving at the unit, you need to take the escalator or elevator. Here, it is recommended that everyone can take the stairs.

First, fewer people

Second, you can exercise! If the floor is too high, there is no way. So what do you need to pay attention to?

① Wrap the handrail with disposable gloves or paper towels when riding the escalator;

② When taking the elevator, even if you see "disinfected here", you need to wrap your fingers with a paper towel and press the elevator button, because the air in the elevator is extremely circulated;

③ Immediately after getting down the escalator or elevator, throw paper towels or gloves into the trash can and go to the bathroom to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

④ After washing your hands, try not to touch the door handles or facilities in public areas.

03 Arrive at the office

Purpose: Masks cannot be removed, try to be "cold" as much as possible

1. Must wear a mask and ventilate the office;

2. Go back to your seat and wipe your cell phone, headphones, etc. with alcohol;

3. When handing items or talking with colleagues, avoid putting shoulders too close together, keeping a distance of more than 1 meter, if you can chat online, you will not be interviewed;

4. Wash your hands and drink hot water. Keep a hand cream in your office;

5. For dining issues, it is recommended to bring your own boxed lunch. After all, takeaway is not so “reliable” in extreme times; if it is a takeaway, try to choose contactless takeout.

Tips: Contactless take-out means that the take-away brother will place the product in the designated location, reducing face-to-face contact and avoiding the risk of cross infection.

04 Home from work

Purpose: Comprehensive disinfection

1. Take off the mask, fold it, seal it with a plastic bag, and throw it into a trash can for waste masks;

2. Wrap up your shoes to minimize the risk of the virus going home with you;

3. Hang the jacket in a ventilated place (balcony) after entering the door. It is not recommended to use alcohol spray for disinfection. One is that it is easy to damage clothing, and the other is that alcohol is a flammable liquid.

4. Wipe personal belongings (mobile phone, headset, bag, etc.) with alcohol to fully disinfect;

5. After disinfection, it is best to take a bath ~


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