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How to Use the Automatic Baler Correctly?

Mar. 11, 2020

How to use an automatic baler? In fact, is it true that we will use it? What should we do? This requires our company to train our employees. Why train employees?

First: Training is an effective investment for businesses. Now companies are gradually increasing their emotional investment in employees. Training can be one of the important methods of emotional investment and can help companies retain talent. Therefore, training in the company is an effective investment, which means that employees can learn more knowledge and skills.It's a consumption that works in the long run, and it means that companies are giving tomorrow's jobs. Why not do something that benefits both sides?

Second, training can regulate the workflow. A standardized workflow can avoid errors and dangers to a large extent. For example, if a worker who operates a machine does not train him to open the switch button first and then when he opens the machine, once he reverses the order or does not follow the process, the consequences may be machine damage and personnel injury, causing huge losses to the enterprise.Standard operation process training can improve the safety of production, reduce the risk of error.

Third, training can improve work efficiency. Training based on actual needs can improve the work efficiency of employees, and the same goes for machines.For example, br326 baler was not used before training, each operation button did not know what role, also do not know how to operate, adjust the size of the tension, the length of hot melt time, multiple points, and other problems, not tight will cause a lot of wear and tear to the machine, failure to reduce life, and so on, but also waste time, waste packaging materials.

Automatic Packing Machine

Automatic Packing Machine 

Training can not only give the company's employees master a technology, but also can extend the life of the machine better for you to work, so that the work efficiency also improved the machine also extended the life, for the enterprise to improve the work efficiency of the staff is to save costs; For the employee herself, it may become her promotion capital, win-win things, everyone will be willing to do.

In fact, we must be formulated first before training about automatic packing machine and semi-automatic strapping machine safety operation procedures, we train employees to training in accordance with the operating rules, safety operation procedures of operation in order to we can always pay attention to safety in operation, ensure the security of our personal and corporate, attaches great importance to the safety in production now.

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