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Work Flow of Hydraulic Packer

Mar. 07, 2020

Waste treatments baling machine manufacturer shares the workflow of hydraulic balers.

1. Check whether the appearance of the equipment is abnormal and whether there are hidden safety hazards around it. After confirming that it is normal, turn on the load switch of the electric control box, turn the key switch to the open position, turn on the emergency stop button, and the power indicator of the electric control box lights up.

2. Put a large piece of paper on the bottom of the machine, close the upper and lower iron doors, and turn the lower door fastener to lock it firmly (the door must be locked firmly when it is locked at the end, because the internal pressure is large when the machine is working, and the lock is not tight. A gap in the door will cause the safety protection sensor to operate, and the machine will stop protecting).

3. Press the row button to let the indenter press down to the bottom and automatically rise to the upper position to stop. Air pressure will reset the bag-out chain on the indenter once.

4. Open the upper iron door and put the material evenly into the machine until it is full, and close the upper iron door (be sure to close it in place, otherwise the safety photoelectric detection sensor on the door will act and the machine will not start).

5. Press the row button, the indenter goes down, and when it is pressed to the bottom, it automatically rises back to the top and stops.

6. Repeat the operation 4-5 until the siren sounds on the electric control box and the warning has reached the set packing height. At this time, the indenter presses the paper bag and stops. (If you do not need to set the packing height, you need to pack in advance. Down button for 2 seconds, at this time the machine starts, the indenter presses the paper bag and stops, continue to the next operation).

7. Open the upper and lower doors, and from the back of the machine, pass two ends of a wire or plastic rope through the indenter and the corresponding threading slot at the bottom from the front of the machine, and tie the exposed two ends of the machine (because Expansion of the bag, do not tighten the thread too much, leave a certain margin to prevent disconnection), wear all the threads and knot as described above.

8. Place a tray in front of the machine. Take out the bag-out chain at the rear of the machine and place it in the bag-out slot on the indenter.

9. Check whether there is any person or foreign body in the package position, and confirm the safety.

10. Press and hold the up button, the indenter rises to drive the bag out of the bag and turn it on the tray, and then transport the bag to the designated position. , Continue operation after the danger is eliminated), a work cycle ends.

12. After the work is completed, turn off the key switch and press the emergency stop switch to turn off the load switch.

Hydraulic Cardboard Baling Machine China

Hydraulic Cardboard Baling Machine China

Development trend of hydraulic cardboard baling machine china:

(1) High speed, high efficiency and low energy consumption. Improve the working efficiency of hydraulic baler and reduce production costs.

(2) Electromechanical-hydraulic integration. Make full use of advanced technologies in machinery and electronics to promote the improvement of the entire hydraulic system.

(3) Automation and intelligence. The rapid development of microelectronics technology provides sufficient conditions for the automation and intelligence of hydraulic presses. Automation is not only reflected in processing, it should be able to achieve automatic diagnosis and adjustment of the system, with the function of fault pre-processing.

(4) Hydraulic components are integrated and standardized. The integrated hydraulic system reduces piping connections and effectively prevents leaks and contamination. Standardized components facilitate maintenance of the machine.

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