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Common Failures And Solutions Of Waste Compression Machine

Jul. 23, 2018

Failure phenomenon: the waste compression machine is normally opened, and the compression packaging process does not automatically stop, and is infinite compression.

Solution: check to see if the limit switch is working properly. If other components are fault-free, it is likely that the limit sensor is in trouble. From left to right are power switch, potentiometer and reset button. If the push head does not stop, and other circuits have no problems, most of them are caused by sensor failure.

Debug the method, detect whether the sensor is sensitive, and then fine - tune. If the thruster of waste compression system works normally within a certain range, it is definitely a sensor fault.

Precise control potentiometer is recommended.

1. Remove the small screw fixed on the black knob with a small screwdriver and remove the black knob.

2. Remove the fixing screw and remove the potentiometer from the inner side. It can be seen that the potentiometer has three outgoing positions, two of which are connected to the computer board and the other one is broken.

Remember to remove the potentiometer with a soldering iron. Then replace the new potentiometer.

Waste Compression Machine

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