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Reason Of Waste Sorting Equipment Supplier Is Booming

Jul. 26, 2018

We all know that rural areas have vigorously developed straw biogas in recent years, and the scale of the straw biogas industry is growing. So what is the source of the development of waste sorting equipment China? What is the reason for the scale of the straw biogas industry to become bigger and bigger?

 Secondly, the larger the scale of the waste sorting equipment supplier, the more substances that can be used comprehensively, and the better the benefits.

In the past, most of the rural areas used crop stalks as water for cooking, cooking and heating. This method can be used in low raw and unsanitary conditions, and it will also bring environmental pollution. Now farmers in some areas are simply in the original The ground is a torch. It not only wastes energy, pollutes the environment, but sometimes causes serious traffic hazards.

In response to this phenomenon, under the guidance of the principle of “reduction of the world and reuse”, the state and the government have continuously increased their efforts in policy support, financial support and technology investment, and successively introduced a series of policies to promote and develop circular economy. To consider the economic, environmental and social benefits of the orange stalk biogas industry.

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