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The main performance of garbage compression transfer station

Jun. 19, 2019

The main performance of garbage compression transfer station

As a waste recycling equipment manufacturer, we would like to share the main performance of garbage compression transfer station for you.

1. The garbage compression part adopts the horizontal arrangement of compression cylinder, that is, the horizontal compression mode works. The push plate is composed of 140 channel steel and 10mm steel plate. Under the circumstance of cyclic compression and retaining the squeeze of dry water, the closed box can make the final household waste compression density no less than 0.85t/m3.

2. Compressed garbage produced sewage discharge measures: to open several sewage discharge in compression box bottom hole, sink in the bottom of the box body is equipped with three vertically set, before and after a sewerage boxes in the enclosure, sewage through the sink drain hole through the longitudinal set, into the sewage boxes, and capital inflows in dump sewage collection pit inside the room, after leave mud sedimentation, natural into the municipal sewage, eventually into the municipal sewage pipe network system.

3. The electrical control adopts centralized control, with manual and automatic operation mode, equipped with control cabinet and mobile operating handle, which can be switched freely during operation, and the household waste treatment equipment is easy to operate and maintain; At the same time, the equipment control system is equipped with various limit protection switches, overload alarm, buzzer warning and other protective devices.

4. Through the optimization design, garbage can automatically cycle compression garbage, automatic push garbage block, automatic lock garbage can, all actions are in the hydraulic system, and electrical control control system, automatic or manual completion, reliable action, simple operation, easy maintenance.

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5. Hydraulic system components: oil pump adopt domestic famous brand high efficiency and energy saving, low noise pump reversing valve adopt rexroth series huade products, a complete set of highly centralized power plant, under the pressure loss, low fever, stable and reliable performance, running low noise, used the high temperature resistance of fluorine rubber seals, so as to ensure no leakage in the process of operation.

6. When working in the garbage station, the box body is in a closed structure, and the binding surface is equipped with labyrinth sealing rubber strip, which effectively prevents the overflow of garbage and dust, and the feeding port is equipped with spray pipe.

7. The garbage box has a maintenance window, convenient for household garbage disposal equipment failure, can timely enter the box for maintenance, usually locked, can prevent irrelevant people into the box.

8. The system is equipped with a buzzer. When various actions are executed, the buzzer will sound and the indicator light will flash at the same time; The equipment also has overload alarm voltage limit protection device, the system preset double pressure control device, in case of abnormal situation, the system pressure reaches the safe pressure value, the system will automatically cut off the main motor power supply, hydraulic system pressure relief, at the same time send sound and light alarm, remind the operator and the surrounding people to pay attention to safety; The outer wall of the box is sprayed with eye-catching warning mark, which is covered with international common warning mark.

9. Household waste treatment equipment is equipped with hydraulic automatic switch and cover plate device, which reduces labor intensity of workers and increases safety; Equipped with anti-garbage revolving door mistakenly open mechanism to prevent garbage from accidentally falling down from the garbage door; Equipped with line remote control device, in the garbage truck docking, one person can operate a full set of equipment; Equipped with automatic circulation compression device, suitable for large amount of garbage at the same time.

That's all for the sharing, thanks for your reading, and we also supply waste compression system for sale, if you have any demand for our products, just feel free to contact us.

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