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From the Perspective of Waste Disposal Technology, the Benefits of Waste Separation and Recycling

Jan. 17, 2019

Separate collection of garbage by the Waste Recycling System: The maximum recycling of recyclable materials is realized, the cost of cleaning and disposing of garbage is greatly reduced, and the expenses incurred for the sorting of mixed garbage are avoided, so that the economic benefits are maximized. After being collected by classification, recyclable materials as renewable resources slow down the plundering and consumption of other resources and energy, and thus obtain good ecological and environmental benefits;

Waste Recycling Machine

Garbage sorting can simplify waste disposal technology and improve waste disposal efficiency. After the garbage is collected by the Waste Recycling Machine, the combustible components can be incinerated to generate heat, and the thermal efficiency can be improved. The easily degradable organic substances can be sorted out for composting to improve the quality of compost; the waste used in landfill can be reduced in wet garbage and toxic. The amount of hazardous waste reduces environmental pollution.

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