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New waste solution equipment to reduce reliance on coal in Berkeley County (Ⅰ)

May. 15, 2018

South Carolina recycling and energy recovery firm, RePower South, has begun construction of the Berkeley County waste solution equipment.

According to the firm the cost-effective recycling and waste processing solution will expand recycling recovery across the state’s entire waste stream and produce a low carbon, renewable fuel. RPS added that it will fund the over $40 million capital investment in the facility and create over 60 green jobs.

RPS President, Robert Shepard, said that the system will both increase Berkeley County's waste recycling equipment as well as produce a low carbon, clean fuel from waste below the cost of traditional recycling programs and landfilling.

“Our platform enables greater recycling recovery and does so across the entire Berkeley County waste stream. We also create a low-carbon, clean fuel to help reduce the consumption of coal,” he said. “Greater recycling, less landfilling, and cleaner air at lower cost is a true win-win for Berkeley County."

New waste solution equipment to reduce reliance on coal in Berkeley County (Ⅰ)

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