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MRF of the Moment: CP to supply front-end sorting system (Ⅱ)

May. 14, 2018

CP is installing the first three auger screen in facilities this summer, and several more are sold and in production, according to the company.

The Fiberight facility, which is scheduled to start up by the fall, will also include a CP Trommel Screen with bag-opening knives, a steel-disc CP OCCScreen, two reduced-wrapping CPScreens for 2D/3D separation, abrasion-resistant CP Glass Breaker, and four MSS CIRRUS optical sorters. Two optical waste sorting machines will recover PET and HDPE, one will sort and clean fiber, and one will recover any remaining commodities, according to a press release.

The Fiberight facility will utilize the company's technology for processing municipal solid waste (MSW) into biofuel and industrial products. WasteDive reports the project has been hit with lawsuits and permit appeals from the operator of a competing waste-to-energy facility.

MRF of the Moment: CP to supply front-end sorting system (Ⅱ)

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