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"Garbage sorting" is heating up

Jul. 25, 2019

"Garbage sorting" is heating up, shared by environmental equipment manufacturer.

Industry: is expected to open a trillion yuan level of new market.

"Garbage sorting" is heating up, and new business opportunities are emerging.

"Panning for gold" in the garbage.

"Food and kitchen waste should be thrown into the window of kitchen waste. Paper and mineral water bottles are recyclable waste... "In a small community in shaybak district of urumqi city, intelligent garbage sorting room managers are guiding residents in garbage sorting. The district has placed a number of household waste classification points, placed four bins, boxes marked kitchen garbage, recyclable garbage, hazardous garbage and other garbage.

As one of the 46 pilot cities of garbage classification in China, urumqi has issued the implementation plan of urumqi annual domestic garbage classification in 2019, which specifies that no less than 220 residential garbage classification communities will be added to the city by the end of this year. By the end of 2025, the municipal and prefecture-level cities will have basically established a household waste classification and treatment system, and continue to push forward.

Biogas Energy Plant

On July 1, Shanghai municipal regulations on the management of household waste, which has been described as "the strictest waste classification measures in history," came into effect. At the same time, many places across the country have also entered the "mandatory era" of garbage classification.

Behind the new trend of garbage classification, a blue ocean of new industries is opening up, and more and more enterprises also see business opportunities. Some traditional enterprises dig gold "garbage dump" by intervening in many fields of garbage classification, such as sanitation equipment manufacturing, food waste disposal, garbage sorting, garbage recycling and classification.

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