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What kinds of municipal solid waste disposal include?

Jul. 20, 2019

What kinds of municipal solid waste disposal include? Shared by environmental equipment manufacturer.

According to the work scope of China's environmental and sanitation departments, urban household garbage includes: household garbage, garden waste, office waste discharged by organs and units, street cleaning waste, waste generated in public places, etc. In the actual collection process, industrial wastes and small amounts of hazardous skins generated by small enterprises may also be included. In addition, in the process of urban maintenance and construction, a large amount of construction waste and muck will be generated, and generally collected, transported and disposed of by the muck (or construction waste) office of the sanitation department in accordance with relevant regulations. There are many kinds of waste in domestic waste treatment projects, but there is no clear classification method in China at present, such as:

1. Street garbage. It is the collection of waste collected from streets, pavements or public places by human hands. The most common components are fallen leaves, dust, paper, plastic and so on.

2. General garbage. Generally refers to the solid waste containing little moisture in urban garbage, divided into combustible garbage and non-combustible garbage, most rice from shops, schools, offices or organs.

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3. Combustible waste: its composition is mostly paper, wood, wood chips, rags, rubber, flowers, leaves and other waste containing organic chemical components. Although this kind of waste is organic matter, it is different from kitchen waste because of its low moisture content, high stability, non-perishable and can be stored for a long time. In addition, it has a high calorific value and can be burned without other auxiliary fuels.

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4. Non-combustible waste: most of its components are metals, iron cans, ceramics, glass, etc., and most of its components are inorganic materials, which cannot be burned in ordinary incinerators less than 1000C.

5. Kitchen waste. Its composition is mostly the organic matter such as dishes and swill, which is easy to corrupt, mainly from the family kitchen. The composition is characterized by high moisture and organics, easy to decay and produce odor.

6. Abandoned vehicles. Composed mostly of incombustible metal or glass, with small amounts of plastics and rubber. Domestic waste treatment project manufacturers said this kind of waste because of its large size and extremely scattered sources, the government should be responsible for cleaning up.

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7. Demolition of garbage. Its composition mainly for the household garbage treatment project or building demolition waste, such as concrete blocks, waste wood, waste pipes, masonry and so on.

8. Construction waste. This type of waste refers to the residual waste generated during the construction of houses, buildings and roads, including mud stones, concrete, bricks, tiles and electrical wires.

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