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How Does The Magnetic Separator Separate The Ferrous Metals From The Wastes?

Oct. 18, 2022

Magnetic separator is sorted by the difference in the magnetic properties of mineral particles. When mineral particles and vein particles pass through the magnetic field of the magnetic separator, they move in different ways under the action of the magnetic field because the magnetic properties of the mineral particles are different. Magnetic particles are attracted by the magnetic force, attached to the magnetic separator cylinder. After being brought to a certain height together with the cylinder, they are removed from the magnetic field and washed off from the cylinder with high pressure rinsing water..

Magnetic separator


Uniform magnetic field and uneven magnetic field

The magnetic field is divided into uniform magnetic field and uneven magnetic field. In the uniform magnetic field, the magnetic field strength at any point is the same size and direction, in the uniform magnetic field, the magnetic force acting on the magnetic particles is uniform, the particles are in equilibrium, so the purpose of separator can not be achieved. In the uneven magnetic field, the magnitude and direction of the magnetic field strength are different, the magnetic force acting on the magnetic grains is not uniform, so the magnetic grains move under the action of magnetic force to achieve the purpose of sorting.

Magnetic separator only uses uneven magnetic field. In the uneven magnetic field, the magnetic force acting on the magnetic grains is proportional to the degree of unevenness. The more uneven the magnetic field, the greater the magnetic force acting on the magnetic grains. The inhomogeneity of the magnetic field strength is usually expressed in terms of the magnetic field gradient in Austers/cm.


Use of magnetic and non-magnetic products

The non-magnetic particles are not attracted by magnetic force in the magnetic field of the magnetic separator, and thus cannot be attached to the barrel. Thus, two kinds of products are obtained, one is the magnetic product into the concentrate box, and the other is the non-magnetic product into the tailing box.

Magnets are divided into natural magnets and artificial magnets. The artificial magnet is divided into two types: one is permanent magnet; the other is electromagnet. The difference between the two is that permanent magnets are made of magnetic materials (such as magnetic alloys, ceramic magnets, etc.). The electromagnet is wound on the outside of the iron core coil, pass into the direct current to produce magnetic, after the power off the magnetism is gone.

Currently, permanent magnets are commonly used. The magnetic separator made of permanent magnets is called permanent magnetic separator, which is the commonly used mineral processing equipment in ferrous mineral processing plants.


Applications of magnetic separators

Magnetic separator is one of the most widely used and versatile machines in the industry. It is suitable for reusing powdered particles to remove iron powder, etc. Magnetic separator is widely used for resource recovery in wood industry, mining, kiln industry, chemical, food and other workshops. Magnetic separator is suitable for wet or dry magnetic separator of manganese ore, magnetite, magnetic pyrite, roasted ore, ilmenite and other materials with particle size below 3mm, and also used for iron removal operation of coal, non-metallic ore, building materials and other materials.


Qunfeng Magnetic Separator is to separate ferrous metal from wastes by permanent magnet which does not need the electrical power. The conveyor rotates around the large permanent magnet to separate steel wires, nails and gas cans moving on the conveyor. The body of the separator is of a non-magnetic structure made of steel. which prevents ferrous items to be attracted to the body of the separator. if you need them please contact us.

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