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How To Choose The Belt Above The Conveyor?

Nov. 12, 2021


The conveyor is to transport materials and wastes on belts. The conveyor belt is made of textile, rubber, plastics, leather, and metal, and the belt has the shape of a continuous loop to transfer objects. The belt material on the conveyor is suitable for different projects. How to choose the right belt? Read on for information on the types of belts available.


General Purpose Belts

This large group of belting is normally constructed from an internal carcass and also an outer cover. The products made use of these belts include rubber, PVC, Urethane, Neoprene, Nylon, Nitrile, Polyester, leather, and others. Applications for this type of belting consist of:


Hinge Steel Belting

Hinge steel belting is extremely long lasting is often utilized for maker chip and also scrap removal. Applications for this sort of belting consist of:


Plastic Belting and Chain

Common sector names for this sort of belting consist of: 

TableTop, MatTop, Angled Roller Belting, and also MicroSpan. It is commonly lightweight, durable as well as put on immune. 

Applications for this sort of belting consist of:


Flat Wire Belting

As its name recommends, level cable belting has a level surface area making it optimal for food handling. It is extra affordable at times compared to woven wire belting. Applications for this sort of belting include:


Qunfeng is a conveyors supplier, and the types of conveyors we offer include chain conveyors, sliding belt conveyors, and roller belt conveyors, and custom designs are available. Please feel free to contact us If you are interested in them.

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