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Know About the Baler

Aug. 12, 2022


The earliest balers were used to bale hay, and in the 18th century, many transportation and agricultural operations were powered by horses, so large amounts of hay were needed to feed horses in large cities and rural areas. In the transportation of these send this hay when the grass to be compacted, bundle solid. In 1853, the United States of America Emery created the invention of the grass baling the baler so that the grass bundle of solid. It is convenient to transport and send. Now there are many new models and specifications created and invented. The role is used in the bale of grass.


Features of baler


1. Compared with the traditional baler, the mechanism is simple, the performance is easy, the characteristic is reliable, the operation, the maintenance, has the very very good can make the practicality maintenance cost is low. The year can save the use of cheap. The year can avoid wasting cost more than two hundred thousand yuan.

2. There is no hydraulic machine running oil, bubble leakage phenomenon, is conducive to ecological environmental protection.

3. There is no lift temperature device equipment set for hydraulic transmission system stable turn change. The energy-saving actual effect is obvious.

4. Easy to install. Reinstallation is convenient, only need to do a good job rollaway, can only immediately make the application, no need to debug.

5. Small power, pure machinery, in line with the national industrial policy of environmental protection realm protection and low carbon environmental protection.

6. Simple operation, realize remote operation, no need to increase the convenience of use, realize remote control, no need to elevate the manual, can be synchronized in the control room smoothly, no need to learn training.


Benefits of baler

1. Hydraulic door mode for the safety

2. Powerful compression by hydraulic motor

3. Easy operation with PLC

4. Continuous compressing

5. Automatic wire connection

6. Easy to maintain compression ram


Qunfeng balers compact these materials as well, producing bales with a density 33 times higher compared to the incoming material. They are therefore particularly suitable for all those agricultural companies that need to optimize costs. The bales obtained can be stored for long periods and be used as forage during the winter season or as biomass for the production of alternative energies. Please contact us if you are interested in them!

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