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The Advantages Of Intelligent Waste Sorting And Recycling Equipment

Dec. 18, 2019

In shenzhen China, we can see a lot of plot is placed with the intelligence of "community resource recycle bin" logo garbage sorting recycling equipment, occasionally also can see people carrying a big bag of small bag living garbage to launch, except, every a few meters can see trash can, the traditional street people come and go without thinking free throws garbage into it.

So, what are the advantages of intelligent garbage classification compared with traditional garbage cans?

waste sorting equipment supplier to share with you: First, the name suggests that the latter is significantly more "intelligent" than the former.Learned, yantian district, each district on the intelligent equipment with touch screen operation, automatic weighing, launch and electronic speech functions such as they sort the garbage, garbage disposal and residents can create personal points, when accumulated to a certain value of the integral, can work to be responsible for the community living garbage classification supervision of garbage classification supervisor for paper towels, soap, laundry bags, household items such as laundry detergent.

Then there is the sorting and collection of household waste.We know that the traditional street trash cans are generally only two barrels, recycling and other waste, but for ordinary citizens, such as the traditional trash can, no garbage classification corresponding posters, nobody told them how to distinguish between recycling and other waste, so everyone is to see where the barrel without full throw.

On the intelligent waste sorting and recycling equipment, we can see that the body of the equipment is equipped with information such as waste sorting propaganda poster guide, and each equipment is equipped with at least eight classification bins, each bucket has corresponding classification identification, and there is also an explanation of the classification operation process.In this way, residents just need to look at the contents of the publicity column when throwing garbage, and the operation process of garbage classification can be completed quickly and easily.

According to describe residential garbage classification supervisor, now every community on the equipment will be equipped with at least one supervisor they sort the garbage, their main job is to popularize knowledge about garbage classification, also regularly held various campaigns they sort the garbage, everyone can participate in, still can obtain supplies.In addition, they are also responsible for the supervision of garbage classification work in the community. They check the classification of equipment garbage from time to time, find the residents who are wrong or have bad behaviors, stop them in time and guide them to correct.

The most important point is that smart garbage sorting recycling equipment with big data platform operating system can real-time statistics to every village, every household garbage classification on the situation, do have two benefits, the residents of a village can view real-time personal garbage classification on the record and integral situation, the second is responsible for garbage classification to the community of operators can view real-time garbage classification work report, if found abnormal data, can in time make improvement plan.

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Recycling Baling Machine China

Recycling Baling Machine China

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