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Principles For Collecting All Kinds Of Domestic Garbage

Dec. 21, 2019


1. Household garbage

The main point can be used to collect.The residential area with property management is collected by the cleaning staff to the garbage room (bucket), by the sanitation workers regularly collected;In the open type community with no property and the stores along the street, residents regularly place their household garbage at the door, and the sanitation workers collect it on site.Small collection vehicles are used to transport to the domestic waste transfer station.

2. garbage in the market

Centralized domestic garbage collection points are set up, and sealed compression trucks are used to collect and transport the garbage to the garbage transfer station and then to the domestic garbage landfill.

3. Catering enterprises

Set up a centralized collection point of household garbage, using sealed compression truck for collection.Catering enterprises need to collect catering garbage and other household garbage.

4. Commercial garbage of street stores

Use door-to-door bag collection - garbage transfer station.The garbage is collected by sanitation workers at designated time and transported to the garbage transfer station.The rest of the time a rate of store garbage can not be placed on the street to avoid affecting the county environment.

5, enterprises and institutions garbage

The method of bagging collection - garbage collection point - garbage transfer station is adopted.Enterprises and institutions in the internal bagged garbage collection, concentrated and second bagged into the department of environmental protection in its unit set garbage collection point, garbage production units can consider setting up a garbage collection container, and then by the department of environmental protection door to pick up the garbage to the garbage compression station, sent to the garbage disposal site.

6. Hospital household garbage

Hospital garbage is divided into domestic garbage and iatrogenic garbage.Iatrogenic garbage is integrated into the county medical garbage disposal system for unified treatment, and domestic garbage is classified and collected into the domestic garbage collection and transportation system.It is strictly prohibited to mix iatrogenic garbage with domestic garbage and collect, transport and dispose of medical waste according to the plan.Qingyang county medical waste unified by the sanya baolai medical waste disposal co., ltd. to adopt a special, professional way of collection, disposal.

7. Clear the garbage

Mechanized cleaning of the garbage directly transported to the nearby domestic garbage transfer station;Manual cleaning and cleaning of the garbage from the human workers to the transfer station.Centralized transport to qingyang li autonomous county domestic waste landfill disposal.

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