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The Significance of Compressed Packer in Waste Sorting

Apr. 17, 2020

Waste classification and treatment is the development direction of waste treatment. In view of the various shortcomings of the current garbage disposal methods, the sorting and sorting work before garbage collection or landfill will make the number of useful substances in domestic garbage, the amount of compost and even the amount of incineration significantly increase, and the amount of direct landfill It will be greatly reduced, not only saving a lot of lands, reducing secondary pollution, but also significantly improving the utilization rate of garbage resources. In order to fully realize the reduction, recycling, and harmlessness of waste disposal, and achieve a circular economy, a solid foundation is laid.

The classification and treatment of domestic waste is a waste treatment method suitable for use in urban streets, communities, and townships. In the waste sorting and processing station, through closed transportation, screening, magnetic separation, bounce, wind separation, packaging, pressing, deodorization, deodorization Disposal procedures such as smell, and thorough sorting of municipal solid waste according to nature and final treatment method. The first category is recyclable substances, such as plastics, rubber, paper shells, metals, etc .; the second category is available for Composting materials, such as vegetables, melon fruit shells, leaves, etc .; the third category is materials that can be directly landfilled, such as bricks and tiles, stones, sand, etc., and then these sorted garbages are subjected to compression and volume reduction treatment Transported to a special factory for recycling or composting or direct landfill. Therefore, as a prerequisite for post-processing methods such as filling, composting, recycling, and incineration, garbage classification treatment can achieve the ultimate goal of reducing, recycling, and harmless urban household waste.

With the development of the urban economy and the improvement of residents' living consumption level, while the output of urban waste continues to increase, the composition of urban domestic waste is also very different. The main characteristics of the change are: high content of the waste paper, plastic, plant fiber It is particularly prominent, which has caused the proportion of organic ingredients in the waste to continue to increase, and the phenomenon of rapid volume growth and slow weight growth has occurred. According to the research and analysis of the density of urban garbage, the density of garbage has dropped from the previous 600kg / m 'to the current 350kg / m, and there is a trend of gradual decrease. Therefore, a large number of light materials such as plastics, paper shells, and plant fibers will be screened out after the municipal solid waste is sorted and processed. This part of the waste is suitable for recycling and recycling. Due to the lightweight and large volume of these wastes, the transfer efficiency is low. Transportation and storage costs are high, a lot of manpower and material resources are wasted, and the cost of garbage disposal is increased.

Plastic Baler Machines

Plastic Baler Machine

With the development of urban garbage compression and volume reduction and consolidation, the requirements for plastic baler machines have gradually increased. Compression packing devices with high compression ratio, intelligence, high reliability, high efficiency, durability, and simple and reasonable structure will become the general trend of research. The improvement of garbage compression and packaging efficiency can effectively reduce the cost of garbage disposal, so the research on compression and packaging equipment has good social and economic benefits. Domestic and foreign urban domestic garbage compression and packaging equipment are developing in the direction of small space, high efficiency, and high compression ratio. The key to reducing the volume of garbage is to use an efficient and practical recycling baler machine.

The development of household garbage compression packers and their placement in urban streets, communities, and townships can reduce waste transportation input and avoid transportation of garbage. To improve the efficiency of transshipment and save costs, the design and development of urban domestic garbage compression and packaging equipment are of great significance.



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