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MRF of the Moment: CP to supply front-end sorting system (Ⅰ)

May. 09, 2018

A mixed-waste processing facility under construction in Maine will be among the first users of a new type of non-wrapping screen.

San Diego-based CP Group will supply the 144,000-square-foot Fiberight facility in Hampden, Maine with a variety of sorting technologies. Among the equipment to be supplied is the company’s new CP Auger Screen, which uses cantilevered augers. The equipment separates the stream into fractions above and below the screen based on size and conveys wrapping materials off the side of the screen.

Peaks Eco is a waste sorting machine manufacturer which can supply waste sorting plant according to your requirements. Looking forward to your orders!

MRF of the Moment: CP to supply front-end sorting system (Ⅰ)

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